Is This Joe Biden’s Biggest Lie Ever?


Joe Biden claims that he is Catholic. His handlers do everything they can to ensure that the sacrifices made for Moloch are continued. Joe Biden and his henchmen are a pious Old Joe who have never supported any restrictions on abortion. He claims that he is president because he spent his whole life in the “public sector”. He’s not in control, and it appears he isn’t capable of leading.

Biden stated today that gas prices are currently at three dollars and thirty-ninecents. This is a drop from the five-dollar mark when Biden took office. This is from someone who said that he would cure all types of cancer if elected president. He believes electric cars and raising taxes enough can allow us to control weather. They were prepared to stick to the gas pumps, right alongside the outrageously high price per gallon.

It is clear that Old Joe Biden did it. His party tried to appeal to the Saudis to lower oil prices, but was unsuccessful.

Biden wanted everyone to hate Donald Trump. Biden hopes to convince some Leftists who have low attention and lack of information that gas prices are lower now than they were when Bad Orange Man was president. This is an absurd twisting of facts.

Two possible outcomes are: Biden could have told the lie, knowing that it was a lie, but believing that he can make Trump-hatred more commonplace.

Biden could have said it, knowing full well it was false. This exposes his cynicism, dishonesty, and political career. Few of these presidents were as bold and brazen as Old Joe. This lie is so obvious that even though there were no Leftist propagandists in the media, they wouldn’t let Biden hear about it.

Biden could make matters worse by believing that gas prices were higher when Trump was president than they are now. This would render Biden unable to fulfill his duties as president of the United States. If he really cared about America, he would be shocked by the impact of his policies on the rise in gas prices. He would also be tirelessly working to find a solution. You won’t hear it from Old Joe.

A man in the White House is either one of the most deceitful people on the planet, or a man so ignorant about reality that he blames his predecessors for the failures of his administration.

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