Jared Kushner Takes Shot at Ron DeSantis in Fox News Interview


Although most Republicans give Ron DeSantis high marks because of his decision to fly illegal aliens from Mexico to Martha’s Vineyard in April, not all Republicans are happy.

This is most evident in Trump’s world. Perhaps because many in his orbit view DeSantis to be a threat in 2024. Some of the most prominent supporters of the former president were openly supportive of the criticisms that the move was a stunt. However, as I have written previously, I do not agree with that assessment and believe that DeSantis’s move was both effective and necessary to shift the conversation toward the border crisis.

Jared Kushner, a former Trump advisor, decided to take to Fox News to vent his frustrations. He suggested that DeSantis had used illegal aliens as “political pawns” in an effort to get “both sides” of the issue.

Jared Kushner criticizes Desantis’s flight of migrants to MV: “We have to remember that these are human beings, they’re people, so seeing them being used as political pawns is very troubling to me.” pic.twitter.com/zVCWxMUeES

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) September 22, 2022

Kushner was the only person in Trump’s government that did more to hinder and harm it. He had great influence and was the one behind “criminal justice reform.” However, he was also involved in poor decision-making around COVID-19. He advised Trump repeatedly not to make large moves that would ultimately cost him his presidency.

Kushner was disregarded by Trump’s most loyal supporters for much of Trump’s tenure. Kushner was seen as weak and a bridge between the establishment and Trump’s most ambitious ambitions. That’s a fair assessment. This shot at DeSantis shows how Kushner thinks. He cares more about how he will be perceived at New York’s wealthy cocktail parties than the progress of the conservative movement.

DeSantis does not use illegal aliens to play political pawns. DeSantis and the other GOP governors are doing all they can to spread the burden and shine a spotlight on an issue that has been costing untold numbers of lives. The border crisis is a humanitarian emergency. Kushner’s point is that illegal aliens should not be considered disposable to support Democratic political prospects. It is not a problem to fly them to Martha’s Vineyard. It is not an issue for them to drown in the Rio Grande or be murdered by drug cartels.

This is the question that everyone needs to ask, even Trump supporters. Are you willing to let Kushner run the White House for four more years? Does he seem to believe he is anything other than Democrat-lite? Trump could say that Kushner will not be involved in the future, but that is one thing. He hasn’t done it, and Ivanka Trump is also very liberal-minded.

The year 2024 is still a long way off, but GOP primary voters need to know what the second Trump administration will look like. This could have an impact on the final outcome of the ballots being cast.

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