White House Misfires With Disingenuous Attack on Ted Cruz


The retaliation of Sen. Ted Cruz (R.Texas) on Thursday was directed at the White House after he misrepresented his voting records in an online political joke.

A clip from an interview he did with KAMC-TV on September 12th was posted by the Texas lawmaker. He thanked Congress for passing the highway project connecting Laredo, Texas, to North Dakota and Canada’s northern borders.

Cruz and Senator Ben Ray Lujan, D.N.M. Senator Ben Ray Lujan (D.N.M.) and Cruz added the project as an amendment to an earlier Omnibus Spending Bill.

Cruz tweeted that “This project will bring Texas jobs and millions of dollars into Texas. ” “A great bipartisan victory. ”

On Wednesday, the White House’s official Twitter account took aim at Cruz for supporting his amendment but not voting for the $1.5 trillion spending bill Congress passed earlier in 2012.

The White House tweeted Wednesday that Senator Cruz voted in favor of this, as a response to Cruz’s KAMC interview.

Ryan Chandler was a reporter from KAMC and replied to the White House. He noted that Cruz had been asked why he voted against the omnibus bill despite his support for the highway project.

Cruz explained to KAMC that this is a very common occurrence in America’s Senate. Cruz explained to KAMC that the US Senate works together to agree on a piece and then has it rolled into an enormous bill with many good and bad elements. These bills were passed over the past decade. I was able to support them all.

Cruz attacked the White House in a tweet on Thursday for misrepresenting his Senate work.

Cruz-Lujan was the literal title of the I-27 provision. “What I voted for was a much larger package that was rolled into unrelated & reckless Democrat spending. This is fueling skyrocketing inflation. ”

A spokesman for Cruz stated that Cruz was responsible for the passage of the Ports-to-Plains Corridor Project’s progress.

Dave Vasquez, Cruz’s press secretary, stated that “what he voted was a Democrat expenditure spree which contributed towards an economic recession in American households.” “Ports to The Plains could have passed the Senate unanimously, as a separate bill. It was instead incorporated into an omnibus package stuffed with pork that Democrats passed through Congress.


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