Jill Biden Tries to Sell Joe on ‘Morning Joe’ and It’s All Kinds of Funny

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The Biden team has a big problem in trying to sell old Joe. 

He has terrible approval numbers which are well deserved, given how many problems he has caused for the American people since he’s occupied office. His team keeps saying the problem is the messaging, as though all they have to do is send out a few shiny new ads about Joe, and that will do the trick. Except the problem is the product they are trying to sell is bad — that’s why no one wants it (or him). 

It’s also why they can’t pitch achievements and, instead, have to resort to attacking his likely opponent, former President Donald Trump, and the “MAGA” movement. 

But that isn’t going over very well. It just makes it more apparent how desperate Biden is and how he’s perfectly willing to attack millions of Americans in his quest to hold onto power. 

In an effort to try to convince Americans what a wonderful guy Joe Biden is, they’ve now deployed his wife, Jill, to try to talk up Joe, doing interviews with friendly shows like MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Part of the interview ran on Thursday. The second part is scheduled to run on Friday. 

She continued on the same bad tack that Joe took about democracy being under “threat,” insisting this necessitates a vote for her husband. It was ridiculous how biased and lacking in reality the interview was — for example, this exchange: 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Potentially another four years in the White House with everything you do here.  
BIDEN: Yes. 
BRZEZINSKI: Does yet another one give you any pause, thinking of, like, the personal health and well-being for both of you, the division in this country, the cruelty of MAGA Republicans against your family? Does any part of you once in a while think, ‘oh, maybe we bow out?’  
BIDEN: You know, that’s why I want to go through yet another campaign, because I think, as Joe says, democracy, our freedoms are what’s on the line. And so Americans have a choice. They can have strong, steady leadership, someone fighting for democracy, or they can choose chaos and division. 

Talk about a softball interview. The “cruelty of MAGA Republicans against your family,” Mika says. So it’s “cruelty” to point to allegations of influence peddling and corruption, but not cruelty for Democrats to target their political opponent. Plus, “strong, steady leadership” to describe Joe Biden — the very definition of chaos and failure — is worthy of a lot of laughs. 

Oh, let’s hear about the brave victims Hunter and the Biden family. Mika has no questions at all about the alleged corruption; she’s a full-on advocate in this effort. “I think what they are doing to Hunter is cruel,” Jill complained. 

Then there was this part — how dare people call Joe a “liar”(?!) — when he’s a font of falsehoods. According to Jill, this has brought such a change to political discourse. 

Um, has she watched her husband demonizing millions of Americans? He’s even more divisive than Barack Obama ever was, and Biden doesn’t have the smoothness to cover it. 

Then they got down to the thing that’s truly sinking him in the polls — Biden’s age and incoherence. 

Jill wants to sell us on his VIGOR!

Yes, he can jog for two steps — if he doesn’t get lost. Biden looks out of it most of the time, and we have all kinds of examples of that. 

But he works very “hard, every single day,” Jill insists. 

Except not so much when he’s off on vacation about 40 percent of the time. She says that with a straight face, as he hasn’t had any real work on his calendar in almost three weeks. 

Then she claimed he was “unflappable.”

Has she seen how he freaks out when challenged and calls people names? His character has not changed, she insisted. That’s true. He’s always pushed falsehoods — all his life. He even had to drop out of the 1988 Presidential race because of it. 

Mika asked about his age, and even she laughed when Jill claimed his age was an “asset.” 

He’s lived history, Jill said. 

No, I think his time in office will be history. 


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