Joe Biden Falsely Claims Gas Was Over $5 A Gallon When He Took Office


Thursday’s claim by President Joe Biden that gas was more than $5 per gallon at the time he assumed office in January 2021, was made by Joe Biden. Biden boasted that today’s gas prices are $3.39, which is a drop from the five-dollar mark when I was elected.

Biden was only able to afford gas at $2.39 per gallon. Although he was probably referring to gas prices reaching $5 per gallon in the summer, he also mixed up his timeline.

During an event in Syracuse (New York), the president made comments about gas prices and urged Micron Technology to make a commitment to invest in semiconductor manufacturing.

Biden also claimed that the economy was on the up.

He stated that inflation is declining, real incomes are rising, and gas prices are falling.

It is not clear what exact numbers Biden was referring too. The inflation rate is up 8.2 percent over last year, and real wages have fallen for 17 consecutive months.

Biden maintained that he was working to make America better.

He claimed that the economy was in “ruins” when he took office.


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