Obama Claims Republicans Would Investigate Their Political Opponents if They Win Midterms


In a speech on Friday, former President Barack Obama criticized Republicans for their plans to “investigate their political enemies” if they gain control of Congress in November.

The former president claimed that Republicans would not aid Georgians, but instead focus on them and cut programs like Social Security and Medicare, and give tax breaks for large corporations.

Obama asked, “Republicans spend two years investigating their political enemies, how’s it gonna help you to pay the bills?”

Obama’s statements are the result of years-long investigations into former President Donald Trump, which included allegations that he conspired with Russia during the 2016’s presidential election.

During the rally, the former president also supported President Joe Biden, saying he was “fighting for” the people of Georgia even though he was in the White House.

Obama stated, “The only way to make the economy fair is to nurture it and fight to it. That starts with electing people who see you and care, people who will fight alongside you and fight to protect you.” That’s what Joe Biden did when he was sent to the White House two years ago. Joe fights for you every single day. Joe is doing all he can for you to get more money, make your streets safer and bring more high-paying jobs to Georgia.

Obama and Biden will appear together at a Pennsylvania rally to support John Fetterman, the Senate hopeful. Obama spoke out for Senator Raphael Warnock, a Democratic nominee for governor, and Biden on Friday.

Warnock’s former opponent, ex-football star Herschel, was also attacked by the former president, who claimed he was a “celebrity that wants to become a politician.”

Obama conducted a thought experiment and claimed that Walker would not be allowed to perform surgery on a patient or fly a plane without any experience. He also asked why he should become a senator when he is a former football player with no political experience.

Obama stated, “My point isn’t that being a footballer disqualifies me from being a Senator.” “But in the instance of Rev. “But in the case of Rev., It seems to me that he wants to be a politician and is a celebrity. We’ve seen the results.

Warnock is running for a full term as United States Senator. He said that he would not give up on the United States, even though it faces a political divide.

Warnock stated, “I’m not going to give up on this country and I’m certainly not willing to surrender to the demagogues trying to sow division seeds because they have no loss.” They lack vision. “I’m going stand up for the American spirit at its best.”

According to FiveThirtyEight Polls, Warnock is currently leading Walker by one point.

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