Joe Biden Is Headed to the Midterm Battleground of Chicago?


It is no secret that the midterm elections this year are going to be difficult for Democrats. They might be worse than we think for Democrats. Why? Why? Because Joe Biden is expected to soon travel to Chicago to assist with their get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts.

“President Joe Biden may make a stop in Chicago, likely Friday, to promote Democrats and lead a rally to elect Gov. Lynn Sweet reports at the Chicago Sun-Times that J.B. Pritzker, along with the rest of the Democratic ticket in Illinois, was there. “A source claimed that White House personnel and Secret Service members were in Chicago, preparing for a possible visit by the President”

Three days before Election Day, Joe Biden could be found in Chicago, so it seems. This is a complete departure from conventional wisdom. Quick polling data shows that Pritzker and Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D), are most likely to win reelection. RealClearPolitics reports that only three House races are ranked as tossups in Illinois.

The real question is “Why is Joe Biden going down to Chicago?” This seems like a poor use of presidential resources. Are the Democrats trying to save themselves in otherwise safe areas by attempting to stop the red wave?

Biden’s visit to Chicago is not due to a red tsunami. This isn’t Biden trying to save Chicago from the red tsunami. It is because deep-blue Chicago will be one of the few places where Biden will visit. For a long time, we know that vulnerable Democrats don’t run to Biden to help their campaigns. Chicago is safe territory. Biden, who has been at sea in the polls since August 2021, will not turn off any voters. Joe Biden, besides deep blue enclaves, is a leper who you would not want to have your campaign associated with.


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