John Fetterman Is Getting Worse


The story of John Fetterman’s massive stroke, which saw him win the Pennsylvania Democrat primary for the US Senate has been changed numerous times since then. Recent media appearances show that a lot more is being revealed about his terrible debate performance against Republican Mehmet O.

In short, John Fetterman is getting worse.

His caretakers, including his wife, insisted that Fetterman was doing well and had no ill effects. Although written reports about his inability to communicate began to leak, it was the return to the campaign trail that lifted the veil. Fetterman gave many, very short speeches in public. He seemed to stumble over his words in ways not normal. He would repeat words, forget words, and make up words.

It was difficult to conceal his condition when he began to give media interviews in September. Fetterman was not just suffering from brain fog. He clearly had difficulty processing the information being said to him by others. He used closed captioning during the debate. It didn’t seem to work because his auditory problem is not as severe as he claimed.

These are my most recent clips.

Anchor plays Fetterman’s disastrous answer on fracking from the debate, then asks “do you understand why people are questioning your ability to be our senator?”

Fetterman: “No, I—I believe that, that my support of fracking has always been, been one that—in the past.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 2, 2022

“What do you think the biggest cause of inflation is?”

Fetterman: “I think that simply is also where…let’s talk about the trillions in…in massive tax or…uh, tax…uh, cuts to the corporate, uh, tax structure as well true.”

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) November 1, 2022

Fetterman is totally out of it and nobody with an ounce of honesty would say otherwise. Don Lemon tries to minimize it but it’s not fair for anyone watching.

Let me tell you, this is the truth. We have spent months debating Fetterman’s recovery time, but very few people have ever asked if Fetterman will be able to recover. He is getting worse. You can see clips of the Democrat shortly after his stroke. He was much more capable of understanding and communicating. He is much more confused than he was in September, even though he has been able to communicate for the past month.

There is something going on in his health, but it is not being made public. This is probably why he refused to release his medical records. Fetterman said that Fetterman relied on Fetterman’s primary care doctor, who is a major campaign donor, to write him a letter stating that he was “fit to serve.”

Strokes can be unpredictable. Many people die within a few months of being diagnosed with the same type of stroke as Fetterman. It is possible that Fetterman will not make a full recovery. He won’t be able to do his job in January. This sham must be stopped before Pennsylvanians are left with Fetterman for six more years. Because his ambitious wife, who wants to be a political star, has no intention of letting him resign. It will be a cluster and, as of right now it is avoidable if voters act.

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