Joe Biden Tells Creepy, Inappropriate Joke, Does Other Generally Senile Things


One of Joe Biden’s handlers is a stressful job. It is impossible to predict what Joe Biden will say, even if he has a teleprompter that can read 60 fonts in front of you.

This dynamic was prominently displayed by Biden’s speech at a Democrat National Committee event. After the president named a woman from the crowd and said that they “go back a long ways, she was 12 years old, I was 30,” things went awry in an inappropriate manner.

To be fair, there may be another explanation that this doesn’t involve the insinuation about pedophilia. Even if this is true, would Biden be so stupid as to not realize the sound it makes when he speaks like that? We are dealing with someone who is known for sniffing children and being creepy around them.

While Biden’s remarks were unflattering, the response of the crowd to them was just as absurd. You don’t laugh when someone tells you a joke about pedophilia that isn’t funny. You stare at it in perplexed silence.

The fact that all of this is occurring at the same time as the stock market crashes in its bottom right corner only makes it worse. Biden seems completely disconnected from reality and the consequences for his actions. It is quite disturbing to watch. While Biden yucks it up in union members’ faces, ordinary Americans are being crushed.

However, things didn’t end there. It’s not like anyone would have expected it to.

Sometimes, I just sit back and wonder how this man became president. It was fraud. Was it gullible voters? Did it COVID-19 that allowed him to hide his condition? No matter who you blame, he is so clearly unfit to run for office that you should die of laughter at the thought of him trying to run for re-election. This guy is sick, and it’s shown multiple times per week.

None of this is funny, because the consequences are very real. We can only hope that the country can continue to move forward in the two years before Biden goes into permanent retirement. The pain will not stop until then. You might want to give up on your plans to buy a house, retire early, or otherwise increase your chances of success.


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