Project Veritas Must Pay Dem Firm After Lying And Spying, Jury Says


A Reuters report on Friday stated that a federal jury had ordered Project Veritas (a Democracy Partners member) to pay $120,000 damages. This was after a Project Investigator, who used a false name, exposed internal firm activities.

According to the outlet, Allison Maass was a former Project Veritas Investigator and applied for a job at Democracy Partners using a false name. According to the outlet, Allison Maass, a former Project Veritas investigator, applied for a job at Democracy Partners under a false name. She claimed that they used “heavily edit footage” in videos suggesting they conspired with Trump supporters to incite violence in 2016.

Reuters reported Project Veritas was found liable for wiretapping violations and misrepresenting itself. Paul Friedman, U.S. district judge, will continue to assess damages in light of a jury’s unique finding that Maass intended to violate a fiduciary relationship.

Project Veritas said it would be appealing.


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