Joe Biden’s Strange Itinerary Leading Into the 2022 Midterms


It’s unclear how candidates could benefit from a president with a low approval rating campaign. President Joe Biden still has travel plans to take place on November 8th.

Biden’s influence on the campaign trail seems just as likely as his support of Democrats to benefit Republicans.

Nearly eight points are more than Joe O’Dea when it comes to the RCP average. ”

During his speech, Biden stated that Beau, his son, had “lost his life in Iraq”. Beau Biden, a Judge Advocate General’s Corps Corps Corps Corps member, was killed in Delaware in 2015 from brain cancer. He spent seven months in Iraq in his yearlong active military service. In September 2015, he returned to the United States.

The president will participate in a grassroots volunteer activity with Oregon Democrats on Friday. RCP reports that Christine Drazan, Kotek’s Republican opponent is ahead by three points.

RCP Projects a Republican Pickup at the Governor’s Mansion, Oregon. The White House sent President Houseplant to Oregon to save it from the deep blue trash fire.

Then there is Pennsylvania. In the race for governor, Democrat Josh Shapiro, the current attorney general, is ahead by nearly 12 points in the RCP average. In a world where the candidate for one statewide race is running away with it, there are usually coattails that other candidates can ride to victory.

The race between John Fetterman, (D) and Mehmet Oz (R) is tightening in the other state race to succeed Senator Pat Toomey. His lead now lies within the margins of error of Emerson, Trafalgar, and Emerson, the two most reliable polls.

Fetterman’s apparent impairments following a stroke in his primary may have contributed to some of the shift. It was viral and even the interviewer questioned Fetterman about his cognitive abilities.

CNBC was informed by a senior administration official that Biden would attend a Fetterman fundraiser on October 20th. Biden is unlikely to help Fetterman.

Biden won in 2020 by running a campaign from his basement. You could then give him a bowl of pudding and send him back to his basement.


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