Michigan’s Rape Me Elmo Home Inspector Convicted


Kevin Wayne VanLuven (61), a Clarkston, Mich. house inspector, was arrested for indecent exposure, malicious destruction of property less than $200, and pleading with himself with an Elmo doll.

Jaida Dodson (22 years old) and her husband hired VanLuven as an inspector to their home in preparation for selling it. VanLuven arrived at the house with a real estate agent and the Dodsons fled.

VanLuven left Elmo where he found her–in a bedroom of a child–after he had finished his vile attack.

Jaida Dodson saw her motion-detecting nanny camera on her phone shortly thereafter. She saw VanLuven playing with Elmo.

“I was just completely blank,” Dodson said that her husband stared at me across the room, asking me questions repeatedly, and couldn’t understand what I was seeing.

VanLuven said that he “moved Elmo to inspect an electric outlet” when questioned by police. VanLuven confessed to his crime after he was told there was a nursery nanny cam.

Warning graphic

VanLuven enters the nursery via the nanny’s camera footage. VanLuven is seen looking towards the camera with his back against it. He pulls down his zipper and holds Elmo below his waist. He began to “pleasure himself” with Elmo.

Jeff Quas, VanLuven’s attorney, suggested that the charges should not be filed because the video doesn’t show genitalia.

Strangers are “plushophiliacs” who are sexually attracted to stuffed animals.

Although the young parents feel relieved, they are left to wonder “what if?”

“What if our son had gotten an STD? What if he played with it or any other substance? What if we didn’t know? Dodson noted that they have a baby and a toddler. There’s nothing worse than having someone come to your house to do a job, and then do it hard to your child’s stuffed animal in your child’s room.

People who wear fuzzy animal costumes and have sex are known as “furries”

It is appalling

VanLuven was convicted of aggravated indecent exposure but was not found guilty of malicious destruction. What could be eviler than a plushophiliac? He faces a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment and a $2,000 penalty.

This video is hilarious.


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