John Fetterman Has Another Encounter With Pro-Palestinian Protesters

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

hink we can put those rumors to bed. Not only has Fetterman regained some of his political mojo, but he’s making leftists irate with his support for law and order, and Israel especially.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ll never support his re-election, but he won, he’s there, and on issues we can work on, I’ll give him a hat tip. The man is a troll master, waving the Israeli flag as pro-terrorist supporters were arrested on Capitol Hill at the outset of the Israel-Hamas War. When these same folks besieged his home in Pennsylvania, he calmly took to the roof, holding an Israeli flag. 

Now, here’s a clip of him being confronted by Palestinian supporters, where he sips a soda, calmly saying, “he’s still with Israel.”

Fetterman has disappointed leftists by declaring he’s not one of them, essentially. He’s not ‘woke’ and has made that position known publicly. He’s appalled at what his alma mater, Harvard, has become and laughs at the idea of squatter’s rights. Is Fetterman about to become the most sensible Democrat as Joe Manchin, who toed a more conservative-ish line, is about to leave the U.S. Senate? I wouldn’t say that, but when it comes to Israel and defeating Hamas—Fetterman won’t stand in the way.


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