Trump Snaps At Hostile Reporter Who Questioned His Abortion Stance

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwelli

Former President Trump clashed with reporters on Friday after they questioned him on his stance regarding abortion. 

Speaking from his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence, Trump spoke out against the Democratic Party’s stance on late-term abortion, calling it “extreme” and “radical.” 

“You have boldly considered yourself both pro-choice and pro-life. Which one is it?” A reporter asked. 

In response, Trump bashed the heinous act of abortion, defending his recent announcement of not supporting a nationwide ban on the procedure. 

“The Democrats are the radicals on this because they’re willing to have abortions in the seventh, eighth, ninth month,” the former president said. “We’re talking about the execution of a baby… And you can say what you want, but that’s extreme and that’s radical.”

Trump’s comments come the same day Vice President Kamala Harris accused the 2024 hopeful of wanting to take “America back to the 1800s.” 

Harris traveled to Arizona on Friday to condemn the state’s near-total abortion ban, saying that “Donald Trump is the architect of this healthcare crisis.” 

“And that is not a fact that he hides. Just this week, he said he was ‘proudly’ responsible for overturning Roe,” Harris continued. 

Under a second Trump term, the vice president claimed there would be more “bans, more suffering and less freedom.” 

In return, Trump urged Arizona lawmakers to act “as fast as possible” in making changes to the state’s abortion policy following a state Supreme Court ruling that upheld an 1864 law, that made performing abortions a felony.

“The Supreme Court in Arizona went too far on their Abortion Ruling, enacting and approving an inappropriate Law from 1864,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “So now the Governor and the Arizona Legislature must use HEART, COMMON SENSE, and ACT IMMEDIATELY, to remedy what has happened. Remember, it is now up to the States and the Good Will of those that represent THE PEOPLE.” 

Arizona GOP lawmakers blocked attempts earlier this week from Democrats to undo the court-imposed ban on the procedure. However, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that the law passed before Arizona became a state should be enforced. 


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