Justice Democrats-Endorsed New York Candidate Drops Out Of Race Due To Redistricting


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D.N.Y.) is a progressive Democrat who was backed her. She has since dropped out of the race for Congress. Redistricting is what she blames for denying communities of color the “opportunity” to represent. ”
Rana Abdelhamid, a Brooklyn-based Muslim activist who supports “Medicare For All” and the Green New Deal, was supported by Justice Democrats. Tuesday’s announcement by Abdelhamid was that she would not be participating in the election because “I and my community were excluded from the district.” ”

Abdelhamid stated that the new NY-12 was drawn using undemocratic processes and does not include Queens or Brooklyn.

New York Democrats are in turmoil due to the recent approval of congressional maps. They have made it difficult for incumbents to compete in multiple races. Abdelhamid believes the new maps will show moderate Democrats keeping their power and excluding minorities voters.

Abdelhamid stated Carolyn Maloney [D.N.Y.] was the one Carolyn Maloney [D.N.Y.] was. Abdelhamid stated that Carolyn Maloney [D.N.Y.] tried from the beginning, to eliminate Queens-based communities from her district. These maps show a legacy of non-inclusive and discriminatory gerrymandering, which continues to deny communities of interests, such as mine, the chance to be represented.

Abdelhamid said that despite setbacks, her campaign would continue to build on her success organizing voters in preparation to another chance at representing the increasingly left-leaning New York areas.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D.N.Y.), and Maloney are both expected to compete under the new map.


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