Kari Lake Dunks On GOP Outcast Liz Cheney, Thanking Her For Generous In-Kind Contribution


Kari Lake, the Arizona Republican gubernatorial Candidate, slammed Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and thanked her for her PAC’s ad urging Arizonans to vote Democrats in the upcoming election.

Cheney’s sponsored PAC, The Great Task, advertises that he has never voted for a Democrat in a commercial. However, if I lived here in Arizona, I would. Cheney stated that Mark Finchem, the GOP Arizona state representative, and Lake had each “said they would only honor an election result if they agreed with it.” Cheney stated, “If we care about the survival and growth of our republic, then we can’t give power to people who won’t honor elections.”

Politico reported that Great Task stated that it would spend $500,000 to broadcast the ad online and on streaming platforms.

The ad was meant to discourage people from backing Lake but the candidate claimed it was actually helping her campaign.

Lake wrote to Cheney, “Thanks for your generous in-kind contribution to my campaign.” Your recent TV ad encouraging Arizonans to not vote for me is exactly the opposite. As people rush to find out more about me and my plan to put Arizona First, our website almost crashed due to traffic.

“Thank you for your tremendous support of our campaign!” Enjoy your forced retirement. The note stated, “I know America will be able to rest easy knowing that one more warmonger has been removed from office.”

Cheney, who was a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump’s policies, lost her primary to Harriet Hageman, the Trump-backed candidate.

Cheney, a Republican pariah, was removed last year from her position as House Republican Conference Chair.

She even endorsed Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin from Michigan.

According to the PAC’s website, “The Great Task” is a multicandidate PAC that Liz Cheney sponsored. It is focused on the reverence of the rule of law, respecting our Constitution, and recognizing that citizens have a responsibility for putting their duty to the nation above partisanship. The Great Task is intended to mobilize and educate Americans in a united effort to preserve our Republic.


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