Charlie Crist Running Mate Says Republican Opponent’s Latina Heritage Should Be Stripped From Her Identity Since She’s Not Liberal


Charlie Crist’s Democratic running mate in the gubernatorial race for Charlie Crist said that her Republican opponent should be stripped of her heritage because she isn’t sufficiently left-leaning in her political views.

Karla Hernandez-Mats made incendiary remarks during a Thursday interview with Politico

She said about Republican Lt. Governor, “I’ll tell ya this – technically she’s considered Latina but I think that she should be stripped of her Latina card.” Jeanette Nunez.

Hernandez-Mats then criticized Nunez’s comments about DeSantis busing illegal immigrants back to the home state President Joe Biden.

Hernandez-Mats stated that “the moment she said that she was ok as Cuban-American saying that she was ok with putting Cubans onto a bus and sending them to Delaware, which President Biden lives, – by the side, the compassionate President who came over here and saved me – because that’s the one who provided all the resources that are available right now.”

She was referring specifically to remarks Nunez made in Spanish during a radio interview in august.

“The governor won’t be standing there with his arms crossed. He is thinking about what he will do. Nunez translated from Spanish: “He’s going to send [them] frankly to Delaware, the president’s state.”

Hernandez-Mats continued to state that she did not consider Nunez Latina.

She added, “She is totally out of touch with the community.” “I like to believe that I am the only Latina running in this race.”

Nunez replied with a Twitter video of Nunez’s Cuban parents waving American flags at Nunez’s inauguration.

She tweeted, “These are my parents at our inauguration in 2019.”

These are my parents at our inauguration in 2019. As the daughter of Cuban exiles, I proudly carry their legacy and no one can take that away from me.

Hispanic by heritage, American by the grace of God.

— Jeanette M. Nuñez (@JeanetteNunezFL) October 27, 2022

She added, “Hispanic by blood, American by the graces of God.”

“Only a totalitarian would claim your heritage, identity and genetics can be taken apart because of political views,” said the DeSantis rapid reaction team.

A similar claim that DeSantis supporters had shouted “refried beans” at the Hispanic candidate was a source of embarrassment for the Crist campaign. Later, the source of this claim admitted that they were singing “Keep Florida Free,” which is the slogan of the DeSantis campaign.

More information about the Florida governor’s race is available here:

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