Kari Lake Just Levels a Reporter Trying to Bait Her on Election Integrity


Two things are more important to the media than any other. First, January 6th is a constant obsession. The second is virtue signaling, which is used to punish those who question the 2020 election in any way. You are an “election-denier” if you don’t believe Joe Biden is the greatest president in history, elected in a secure election despite many rules being modified months before the vote.

This is how reporters still ask questions like Kari Lake on Thursday. Axios’ Jeremy Duda approached Lake with a convoluted question about 2020, and not something that was relevant to her campaign for Governor.

Duda might be a nice man, but his question isn’t even clear. It feels like an incoherent way to try and ask Lake about 2020’s views, which are well-known, without directly asking. Is Joe Biden causing division by threatening half the country because he is concerned about certain processes during the 2020 election?

This piece is not intended to be a debate about these processes. It’s all been done to death. People know my position on the final-minute voting changes. My point is that even if you disagree with some of the criticisms about the 2020 election it’s not an attack on the very existence of tens and millions of Americans.

Lake’s answer, even if you don’t consider the “owning” part, is flawlessly formulated. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not to admire her ability to take a volatile question on a topic that’s been so controversial and answer it in a way that appeals to a wide audience without feeding into the more absurdist proclamations of the media.

To be honest, I am willing to take the chance of being accused of having a hateful opinion about Donald Trump. However, I wish that he could answer questions about the 2020 elections the same way Lake can. Perhaps it is her experience as a news anchor, but she has a great ability to frame controversial topics and that is a huge asset to her campaign. It is obvious why Katie Hobbs, her opponent, refuses to debate.

Lake is running a great campaign, despite all the criticism. It’s been interesting to see her focus on Arizonan issues over the past few weeks. Her ability to manage the media has also been a highlight. Republicans should support her, even though she was not their first choice. It is too risky to give Arizona to a far-left Karen, like Katie Hobbs.


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