The Jackson Mississippi Water Crisis Is a Complex Problem That the Press is Making All About Race


Jackson, MS is home to a significant health problem. These accusations of childishness are not appropriate.

Jackson Mississippi residents are under extreme pressure right now because their main water supply isn’t available. The pressure has dropped, and there are serious health concerns. Bottled water has been flooding the area since Governor Tate Reeves declared an emergency.

Recent flooding led to overtaxing of a fragile municipal water treatment infrastructure. This is all due to years of neglect that has caused budgetary restrictions and lost tax revenues, bureaucratic sloth, and graft.

If you are a member of the media, it could also be due to racism.

Journalists can simply see that the majority of residents are black and conclude that the issue is about race. MSNBC calls it “Triggered” because of Jackson’s racist white flight.

Republicans love to complain about problems in “Democrat-run” cities. But the cities they describe are often islands inside Republican-controlled states.

Kat Tenbarge is an NBC News reporter and sees it as a skin color issue.

More people need to be talking about Jackson, Mississippi. The city ran out of bottled water to give residents yesterday. It’s the largest city in Mississippi. It’s 80% Black. Their water system is failing because of years of neglect. This is environmental racism.

— Kat Tenbarge (@kattenbarge) August 31, 2022

Tenbarge was especially upset when it was revealed that the government of the city is controlled by Democrats. How can GOP state leaders ignore the crisis when their door actually is at Jackson’s state capital?

Ashton Pittman is a local reporter who also uses this method to back up his claims. You must look at the “system” to see where this racism is.

This article is about Jackson’s municipal drinking water supply. What city planners or leaders have been involved with this type of racism? I don’t know who to blame for this racial problem as I look at the list.

Here is the Mayor (in office for 5 years) and his staff — could you point out the systemic racists?
Or maybe those in key positions overseeing the water treatment operations?

— Brad Slager: Semi-Fascist Practicing to Turn Pro (@MartiniShark) September 2, 2022

This is history and reality, Pittman’s comment. He is one of a number of Democrat mayors who have been in office for more than 30 years.

Lumumba claims that current water treatment problems are due to equipment failures and understaffing. This 33-year period includes 33 years of Democratic leadership. His father was mayor.

The Environmental Protection Agency was contacted to investigate the problem. The Environmental Protection Agency was called in to examine the problem. It discovered that civic leaders had not taken serious action. This was before the current crisis.

The Environmental Protection Agency highlighted a serious failure of the capital’s leaders in hiring new water operators and implementing a water plan. This happened just days before Jackson’s water system crashed.

I would like to know why racism is the main reason civic leaders fail to do the basics to improve the water supply system.

There are many political issues to be addressed. There are many political issues that need to be resolved. This taxed infrastructure. According to MSNBC, these supposedly racist departures would include more affluent areas which should increase tax revenue.

These suburban areas also require water supplies, which is partly why Jackson’s current water supply problems. White residents are also being affected by this. It is hard to believe that this is an issue being ignored due to the racial makeup of many GOP state leaders.

It also affects federal money. These water facilities were built using federal money in the past. These water facilities were originally built with federal funds.

This infusion of federal money will be welcome. Jackson residents shouldn’t blame racism for their inactivity.

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