Kathy Barnette Urges Her Supporters to Vote for Mehmet Oz


Kathy Barnette, a former Republican U.S. Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, called on her base for support of Mehmet Oz in his campaign against John Fetterman, Democrat candidate.

David Webb, talk radio host, stated that “first, I hear your principles but let’s get to the meat of politics here.” Are you encouraging and working with your base? Your substantial base could make the difference between a Republican losing Pennsylvania or winning it.

Barnette stated that she was “absolutely” encouraging her base support for the Republican nominee.

“Absolutely. This isn’t a new concept. Barnette explained that this is something she has been doing for a while. “I have made it clear on several outlets that I will be walking into the poll box on November 8th. I will vote Republican all the way down. I encourage my supporters to do the same.

Barnette gained a boost in the polls after she revealed that her mother was raped and she was born to it. However, the controversy surrounding her military career hampered her campaign and she had to release her DD214.

Barnette’s call for action is significant, as she had previously refused to vote for the GOP nominee if it wasn’t her.

“I don’t believe we have the space to vote for any warm body with an R next their name. Barnette said that he believes we can do better than this just one day prior to the primary.

Barnette did not concede to McCormick and Oz on election night.

Barnette came third in the Republican primary, finishing behind David McCormick and Oz. She received approximately 90,000 less votes than Oz.

Barnette stressed that Fetterman should still be in front of the GOP by more than “a few percentage points.”

We should not be running from this. We’re not running from it, as I have already explained, because I believe that we must be clear about our intentions to work for the people when we are elected. Barrette said that he believes our voters are intelligent people.


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