Oprah Winfrey Says It Will Be Really Frightening If Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Win


Oprah Winfrey hosted Tuesday night’s virtual campaign event to support Democratic Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams.

The event was titled “A Thriving Lifestyle!” The event featured a split-screen conversation between them as they discussed their plans for the state and her hopes ahead of Brian Kemp’s rematch.

Winfrey (66) also campaigned against Kemp during her 2018 first run against Kemp, which she narrowly lost.

Abrams, 49 years old, never conceded the election. She claimed it was stolen from her because of alleged discriminatory voting practices and voter suppression.

Winfrey stated, “You ended up giving non-concessional speech heard all over the world because you were demanding that every vote be counted in Georgia.”

Abrams stated, “I didn’t win.” “People think that I am confused. “I’m not confused, but I’ve spent the past four years doing what I spoke about.”

After her loss, the politician rose to national prominence as a voter rights activist and earned millions through speeches and books.

She spoke at Thursday’s event and outlined her platform, which included expanding Medicaid, ending the six-week ban on abortion, investing in education, improving affordability housing, and enacting common sense gun control laws.

Abrams warned against voter lethargy, as she stated that Georgians could lose their constitutional freedoms.

She argued that people should vote to her in order to protect against U.S. Supreme Court rulings that could erode minority voting rights, LGBTQ protections, and safeguard against stolen presidential elections.

She stated, “If we don’t elect me we will not have health care for half of a million Georgians.” “Our children will continue going to schools that are underfunded and where transgender kids have been prohibited from playing with each other.”

“We will have divisive legislation that says that you must lie to your children regarding their history. Members of the LGBTQ community won’t have protection.

Abrams also stated that Kemp, if he is elected, “will attack our freedoms especially if we’re women.”

She said, “And so, if you want freedom, opportunity, and the ability control your future,” because Brian Kemp has proven that he doesn’t care and won’t help, you need me to be governor.

“What can we do for you?” Winfrey was curious. “And the greatest answer is that you vote because there is too much at stake not to.” As you are listing all this, what happens if you don’t?

Winfrey said, “It is really frightening. I know that you are not the type of woman who is afraid. You don’t live in fear. Aren’t you worried about this lethargy?

Winfrey observed that people believe their rights are protected by the fact that there is legislation to ensure checks and balances.

She said, “We have discovered that the checks aren’t in control.”

According to the talk-show host, Abrams believes she has a “calling” to help people live better lives and thrive.

Winfrey stated, “I wish that the people in Georgia come out to make that a reality for the state of Georgia.”

Winfrey joins John Legend and Ciara as the latest celebrities to support Abrams.

Kemp attacked Abrams calling her “Celebrity Stacey.” She stated last month that Abrams was “running her campaign for liberal elites” and not Georgians.

“While Stacey Abrams still solicits the help of out­of-state billionaires,” stated Tate Mitchell, Kemp spokesperson. “Gov. Kemp will speak to Georgians about his economic record and plans to create a safer, more secure Georgia.

According to a Fox News poll, Kemp led Abrams by seven percentage points in September. Independent voters voted for the Republican incumbent by twelve points.


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