Liberal Magazine: ‘Dictator’ Trump Has ‘Hitlerian’ Plans

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The Left will stop at nothing to keep former President Trump from securing the 2024 election, even if that means comparing him to one of the most evil people to have walked this Earth. 

Salon magazine published an article this week likening Trump and his MAGA policies to that of a fascist and Nazi agenda. 

Titled “The Trump generation problem: MAGA family values are corrupting children,” warns readers that the 45th president is corrupting family values and threatening democracy. 

The piece, written by Chauncey DeVega, accused Trump of following a “dictator’s playbook” and therefore constituting a “national emergency.”

Trump “has not been significantly punished or restrained by the courts, yet,” claiming “Dictator Trump’s Hitlerian plans” include the deployment of American troops to secure the southern border and enforce immigration laws is “how democracies die.”

DeVega accuses Trump of channeling Hitler “with his promise to cleanse (White) American society of the ‘vermin’ and human ‘blood pollution’ he believes is caused by non-white undocumented immigrants and migrants.” He claims the former president is “flirting” with Nazism and accuses the media of downplaying and “normalize[ing] Trump’s increasingly unrestrained evil.”

The piece even went as far as claiming Trump “idolizes gangsters and criminals,” urging media outlets to take a stand against “Trumpian fascism” and the “growing and existential danger” the Republican brings to the table. 

This is not the first time DeVega has made the Republican Party out to be evil. In March, he claimed the Right is a radical conservative movement that is “waging a fascist war against multiracial pluralist democracy and human freedom.”

And again in June, he accused the GOP of being a “de facto terrorist organization” and the “world’s largest white supremacist” group.

However, that has yet to stop Americans from supporting the former president.

According to polls nationwide, Trump leads President Joe Biden by a large margin as voters, including Democrats, want to see new leadership in the White House. 

A New York Times/ Sienna poll found that just 33 percent of voters approve of Biden’s job as president, while Trump leads the Democrat by six percentage points among voters younger than 30. 

A Hill/Decision Desk HQ survey found that Trump had a two percent lead over Biden, who hit a record new low of 34 percent in a Monmouth University poll released Monday. 

The Hill claims Biden is becoming frustrated at his low polling numbers and has scheduled several meetings to discuss Trump’s triumph lead. 

“The meetings are intended to discuss messaging on his age and his accomplishments. There has been concern among his inner circle that the messaging has not been strong or consistent enough to break through with the public,” a Biden source said. 

The Washington Post blamed his sinking numbers on his poor economic messaging, which has been focused on pushing “Bidenomics.” The Left-leaning outlet said it was giving false hope for low unemployment numbers and a growing economy.  

“Yes, it’s frustrating. I have heard many theories as to why the message is not connecting. None convince me or make me feel better,” Ivan Zapien, a former Democratic National Committee official, said. “It’s going to be an ugly landing.” 


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