NY Gov: Let’s Get Those Slave Reparations Started

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

Another woke trainwreck is coming, and it’s bound to crash in Albany, New York. The domestic issues facing American families are many, and we have a foreign policy situation abroad that could not just spiral out of control but rope in the deployment of American forces in the Middle East. If all hell breaks loose there, it won’t be to fight terrorists, but we’ll need significant troop deployments to ensure Americans are evacuated out of Lebanon, which would paint massive targets on the backs of our troops. Like in 1982, it’s bound to get bloody if it reaches that point: 600,000 Americans are living in Lebanon and Israel. 

So, now would be the right time for Democratic lawmakers to investigate…slave reparations? We’re lucky this isn’t a national priority on the Hill yet. It’s mostly been an initiative spearheaded by deep blue states. California is the most prominent. Their report has been released, though there’s controversy about who qualifies. Please add New York to the slave reparations train, thanks to Gov. Kathy Hochul (via CBS News): 

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed historic racial justice legislation on Tuesday, creating a committee to consider reparations for slavery. 
The new law authorizes the creation of a community commission that will study the history of slavery in New York state and what reparations could look like. 
“You can see the unreckoned-with impacts of slavery in things such as Black poverty, Black maternal mortality,” said Nicole Carty, executive director of the group Get Free. 
Activists like Carty said the new law was a long time coming. She helped advocate for the bill, which was sponsored by Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages, after the racially motivated Buffalo mass shooting. 
“We saw that monster come into the community and kill 12 Black New Yorkers,” Solages said. 
“Let’s be clear about what reparations means. It doesn’t mean fixing the past, undoing what happened. We can’t do that. No one can. But it does mean more than giving people a simple apology 150 years later. This bill makes it possible to have a conversation, a reasoned debate about what we want the future to look like. And I can think of nothing more democratic than that,” Hochul said.

Oh, stop, Kathy. Are you on crack? There’s going to be a list of demands, and it’s all going to be monetary in nature. If not outright payments, then greater education opportunities, especially concerning the allocation of scholarships—all of which will increase the tax burden for those who have never enslaved people. 

The Left is race-obsessed, but it’s Christmas now. We can have this fight tomorrow.


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