Liz Cheney Siding With the Dems Furthers the True Conservative Practice of Never Promoting Conservatism


Liz Cheney’s courageous and stunning decision to support a Democrat continues the tradition of Trump-afflicted spurning conservatives.

It has been reported that Liz Cheney, an exile, has given her support for a candidate in the forthcoming midterm elections. Elissa Slotkin, a Michigan woman, has announced that Liz will be appearing on her behalf Tuesday. This “big news” might be something she needs to reconsider in relation to her campaign.

Cheney was formally fired from her position as Wyoming’s Republican representative. This is a complete repudiation since she was an incumbent who suffered one of the worst primary losses in decades. Cheney lost to her challenger by more than 35 percentage points faster than a high-school quarterback who dropped Advanced Calculus to stay on the team. It is hard to imagine why any candidate would want such a toxic character, but it is less mysterious that Cheney is becoming the True Conservative model.

Before she snuggled up to Slotkin in her lap, Cheney had lent her political weight behind Katie Hobbs in Arizona. Cheney, clearly inspired by Kari Lake’s vocal support for Donald Trump’s candidacy, surprised no one when Cheney spoke out against Lake’s opponent. Hobbs has since begun to fall in the polls. Liz is not a Democrat, but she offers nothing to a voter or candidate. However, her endorsements do more than help them win.

Cheney has already established her Never Trump credentials with her inept January 6 Committee work. Now she is finishing her application for True Conservative, by fulfilling the last requirement. Cheney is waiting for her new ID card to arrive. This is the foundational practice of lecturing and hectoring anyone from the right.

Never Trump/True Conservative has been an extraordinary case study in political movements. They are energetic in their stances and supported by the media. However, they are also portrayed as brave and noble in messaging while being completely ineffectual. We can see that they have a lot of voices and invective but no track record. It is amazing how many years have passed and they still insist on the same message: Vote Democrat to Save This Country!

These impotent messengers were born in 2016 when they strongly opposed President Trump. They were loudly celebrated in the media – by Trump supporters. They have remained consistent with their message and maintained their position as arbiters for genuine conservatism over the years.

While Bill Kristol claims to be a cerebral conservative, he continues to promote Democratic candidates. His outlet, The Bulwark, continues to insist on explaining everything wrong with the Republican party. The Lincoln Project was created to be a bomb-throwing organization that shames the conservative foundations of its Presidential namesake. Jonah Goldberg and Jennifer Rubin, prominent columnists, make much of the fact that they reject everything they find wrong with the party. Max Boot is another example.

The columnist is a pedantic genius and I have to applaud him. Boot has been able to rewrite the same column over and over again while proving that he is not a Republican by delivering the same message in unison. He also points out the flaws in the columns as they are. Years ago, I challenged Boot on the fact that he regularly supports the Democrats and never once supported a Republican who would promote his conservative values. He replied to my piece in a sneering manner.

Boot doesn’t grasp that he was admitting tacitly that he wasn’t influencing the outcome of events in a positive way. After years of belittling those who supported Trump and declaring what was not conservative values, he demanded that people vote Democrat in the midterms. He hadn’t inspired anything even remotely conservative, but he is STILL trying to sell that message today: voting Democrat sends a message for the Republicans.

This demonstrates the senile nature of these high-ranking thinkers from the True Conservative. It is amazing that they have failed to incite anyone to reestablish the conservative spirit they claim they lost after all these years. These groups and pundits support the candidate who has arrived with the approved message. Where are they? These mewling gasbags have been around for years and have failed to inspire anyone.

This is what the intelligentsia refuses to acknowledge. They have preached and condescended for many years, declaring themselves to be the intelligent minds that recognize what is a true conservative. All they managed was to support a party that defies conservative principles by writing. They promote a barbecue competition as their argument.

These pundits are prone to be distracted by the possibility of a huge red wave of Republican electoral victories in the next days. They tell others about their flawed thinking process, but they do not want to acknowledge the fact that they have not won any minds over after all these years.


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