Seniors Are Getting Crushed by Biden’s Inflation, and Nobody’s Talking About It


Every day Americans are still facing financial hardship due to President Joe Biden’s record-breaking inflation. Millions of Americans are likely to face a scary winter due to the approaching winter and shortages in diesel and other essential fuels under President Joe Biden’s watch. People will die.

What is not often discussed is the most vulnerable of our society, senior citizens. Millions of seniors live within tight budgets and it is difficult to imagine how hard it must be for them to pay for the basic necessities, such as food and utilities.

Biden’s America is getting so bad that seniors are forced to look into roommate or home-sharing options to avoid going bankrupt and losing everything.

Rodney Harrell, AARP vice president for Family, Home, and Community, stated to The Hill that seniors in the United States have many pressing concerns. This is especially true as they decide how to maintain their homes and survive on their shrinking 401Ks, while Democrats continue to destroy the U.S. economy.

“People are more likely to be in life transitions, which often means they have lower incomes but are seeing their housing costs rise,” Harrell stated, “This is not a good combination.”

Harrell stated, “Most seniors prefer to live in their own homes.” “They want to be able to live in their homes, which is a great way to end their life.”

However, senior citizens are given the chance to choose how they want their lives under Biden. As the Federal Reserve continues to impose lending restrictions in an effort to curb inflation, interest rates have soared.

Seniors who have to make tough decisions about selling their homes will be forced to do so because Biden has made it clear that prospective home buyers don’t have the same home-buying power as they did two years ago.

The 7% mark is the current interest rate and will continue to rise. The home-buying market has been experiencing record-setting drops over the last few months. This should alarm everyone. The pain will likely continue well into next year, creating unimaginable problems down the line.

Senior citizens who want to rent in an attempt to preserve their God-given freedom may be able to do so, but that is impossible due to the Democrats’ extravagant spending and policies. Rent prices have risen to ridiculous levels in the United States.

According to The Hill:

As they face uncertainty in their lives, older adults are looking for roommates to share the costs.

Nearly 25 percent of rents rose from pre-pandemic levels. Experts predicted in September that rents would outpace inflation, stocks, and home values over 12 months.

The Federal Reserve’s efforts in reducing inflation have partly fueled this rent increase. Rate hikes have been made several times in recent months. These rate hikes have trickled into the housing market, pushing mortgage rates to their highest levels in 20 years and allowing potential homebuyers to return to the rental market.

Michele Higgs is the community outreach coordinator for Montgomery County’s Housing Partnership Initiative. She explained to The Hill, that seniors now have the option to join home-sharing groups to find tenants who are looking to rent rooms in their homes in order to make extra income.

The truth is that this process can be beneficial to seniors. It is intended to assist them in aging in place, reduce isolation, and provide a little income. Higgs stated that it is appealing when presented in this way.

“So, the home-sharing program is appealing because it allows you to have someone who contributes to your household income. Higgs explained that it allows people to pay their property taxes without being priced out of their houses.

But let’s be honest — nobody wants random strangers living in their homes. Nobody wants a roommate at 75 years old. What an absolute joke.

Senior citizens were not forced to rent their closets under former President Donald Trump to make extra money to pay the bills. They were not forced to rent a cockroach-infested apartment to a 22-year-old punk to keep them from being put to death in a state-run nursing facility.

It is both sad and embarrassing to see it this way under the Biden regime. Senior citizens should be treated with dignity and respect throughout their lives, and not forced to deal with financial hardships in their most rewarding and relaxing years.

Seniors will face terrifying, uncertain times in the future, as long as radical Democrats continue to be elected. Make wise choices on November 8th.


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