Los Angeles Businesses Say Masks Should be Voluntary, Rejecting Reinstatement of Mask Mandates


A group of business associations from Los Angeles County called for health officials to abandon a universal COVID-19 indoor-mask mandate on Thursday.

According to the association, mandating businesses would be burdensome and heavy-handed. Businesses will be required to comply with the mandate if it is reinstated even if this is not what they want.

Tracy Hernandez, the founder, and CEO of the Los Angeles County Business Federation said:

“This isn’t a debate about choosing lives and livelihoods… It is about educating and empowering Angelenos so they can make smart decisions about their health, the safety of our workers, and the resilience of the region to this new wave. At this stage of pandemic recovery, and endemic recalibration, we can do better than a heavy-handed mandate.

Barbara Ferrer, “A Doctor”, has been trying to reinstate Los Angeles County’s mask mandate for some while now. But it seems more than just a bluff as business groups are calling for health officials to forget it. They encourage voluntary mask-wearing.

Not to be forgotten is that Orange and Riverside, which are neighboring counties, will not restore their mask mandate. It is evident that Ferrer, and the Board of Supervisors, aren’t following the science.

Kathryn Barger, one of the Supervisors, stated that she was against the reinstatement of the mask mandate. Ferrer was urged to speak with businesses about the mandate. Ferrer said:

“We hope people will make every effort to comply… Spread is very high all around… So we ask that everyone use indoor masking”.

Ferrer was appointed by the Board of Supervisors, but she is not a doctor.

We previously reported a huge story about Ferrer, her daughter and who is not a doctor.

We reported that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is too powerful and has too much power over citizens. This is an example of this. Ferrer and her staff aren’t following the medical sciences because medical science didn’t change. However, every other county in Southern California does not have a mandate. But for Ferrer, and the Supervisors political science has.

72% of Los Angeles County residents have been fully vaccinated. 40% of those who have received at least one dose of the booster vaccine are complete. The County should end the mandate to wear a mask. Anyone who wants to wear a mask should have the option. It should not be required that someone wears it.

40 percent of California’s small businesses were permanently closed down during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

There are 4.1 million small businesses in California that employ 48.5 percent of Californians and represent 99.8 percent overall.

Los Angeles County’s overwhelming majority of businesses are small. Los Angeles residents don’t want a mask mandate, and small business owners don’t need it.

Instead of relying on unelected officials such as Ferrer to make decisions, they could listen to citizens and small-business owners.


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