WaPo Columnist Says Biden’s Covid Diagnosis Is a Chance to Demonstrate the Success of His Leadership


A reasonable person would believe that Old Joe Biden’s COVID diagnosis after he had been vaccinated twice and was almost always masked, was proof that the Left’s whole COVID narrative is false. The Left doesn’t believe in disconfirming evidence. However, it is essential that the narrative be kept alive no matter what happens. CNN’s medical analyst Leana Wen went to Washington Post on Thursday to correct several of the Left’s weak narratives. She pretends for nearly an entire column that Biden is a successful president and his COVID agenda is a huge success.

Wen, a Shanghai-born former chief of Planned Parenthood, wished that Old Joe would “go further to restrict activities of the unvaccinated since they are the ones spreading Covid and prolonging our pandemic.” She quickly saw a silver lining to her bout with the Wuhan sniffles and said: “President Biden’s covid-19 diagnosis allows his administration to show the success of his leadership in the pandemic and how living with the coronavirus is like.”

Wait, what? What is the “success” of his leadership in fighting the pandemic? What is Wen’s measure of success? Biden has seen more COVID deaths than Trump’s administration, and despite Biden’s shameless credit-stealing the vaccines, as well as the vaccine distribution plan, were created during Trump’s administration. This distinction is becoming more doubtful. As more evidence mounts about how dangerous and ineffective they are, Biden and his handlers will start to talk about Trump’s vaccines. But Biden said he would “shut down” the virus. Not even close. What would Wen want us to believe is “the success of his leadership in the pandemic?”

Biden’s COVID diagnosis is the most telling sign of his failure to lead the pandemic. After all, this is the man who declared, just a day before he was diagnosed with COVID, “You’re never going to get it if you have these vaccines.” But Biden, who was vaccinated, boosted and got COVID. Leana Wen would be proud of this success.

Wen wants to dismiss Biden’s China virus as unavoidable and trivial. Old Joe is not the only one who was affected. Wen is claiming that he didn’t believe the hype about vaccine effectiveness that he has been selling to Americans for years. This would be the norm for corrupt Biden, but it doesn’t prove any success for his “leadership”.

Wen continues to say that Old Joe is already infected. “People around him have been getting the lockdown bug for months. This includes Vice President Harris, several Cabinet secretaries, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.), and Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer. Given the number of public events Biden has attended, his proclivity to hugging and shaking hands, and his proclivity to sniff hair, I find it surprising that he had managed to avoid infection for so long. Wen seems to be working from the belief that the vaccine works only if everyone around it is vaccinated — but wait! All these people were also vaccinated. Success!

Wen wants us not to worry about the brave commander-in-chief. Although his age is a risk factor for him, he has been vaccinated twice and is well protected against severe illnesses.” How can they know that? It’s impossible for them to know this: it’s like saying that my COVID would have been much worse if I hadn’t sacrificed a lamb in Zeus’ honor. But, today, we call this “trusting science.”

Wen trusts science as usual and believes Biden should use his illness to inform the public about covid-19. It was a “manageable illness for almost everyone”. The whole world was shut down. This is why Leftists love to rewrite history to fit their modern sensibilities. If there’s no record of what they said before, then their lies and self-contradictions will never come back to haunt them.

So now, we have Joe Biden’s “success” as a “leadership.” It’s right next to “You won’t get COVID if these vaccines are given to you.”


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