Martha’s Vineyard Declares Humanitarian Crisis Over Just 50 Illegal Alien Arrivals


Martha’s Vineyard officials have asked for federal assistance to address a “humanitarian emergency” caused by 50 illegal aliens being flown onto the island, where the country’s richest residents vacation.

On Wednesday evening, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), announced Wednesday evening that he had sent two planes stuffed with Venezuelan illegal aliens from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard. This comes after Arizona and Texas have sent thousands of border crossings on migrant buses to New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC in the past few months.

Martha’s Vineyard has received only 50 illegal aliens. However, the island’s officials call it a “humanitarian emergency” and are asking for federal and state assistance to address the small influx of illegal immigrants.

The following statement was made by Island officials:

Martha’s Vineyard receives a small number of illegal immigrants, compared to the amount of illegal immigration that American border communities face every day. Recently, approximately 4,000 illegal aliens and border crossers crossed into a Texas border town in one weekend.

Federal immigration officers apprehended nearly 6,000 illegal aliens and border crossers every day in August. These figures do not include thousands of illegal aliens who crossed the border unreported.

Comparatively, the number border crossers and illegal immigrants flooding American border communities each day is approximately 125 times higher than the number illegal aliens flown to Martha’s Vineyard this week by DeSantis.


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