MLB Ignores Massive Increase in Georgia Vote After Moving All-Star Game Citing Voter Suppression


Remember Major League Baseball’s protest against racism by canceling its All-Star Game in Atlanta? This was because of the Georgia voter bill passed by the Republican legislature. It was signed by a Republican governor for the sole purpose of “suppressing” African voters.

How did it look for racist Republicans?

Jim Geraghty, NRO: Yesterday, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office revealed figures that showed that 102.056 more African Americans had cast early ballots this year than in 2018. This is three times more black voters who cast early ballots than in 2018. Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Office released figures yesterday. The secretary of state keeps accurate voter registration and turnout data that is based on race/ethnicity.

Biden called the law “Jim Crow with steroids”. This was not far from the truth except ole Jim took an overdose and keeled over. The entire Democratic establishment, the whole of the black American civil rights lobby, and correct-thinking journalists, commentators, talking heads, and the entire liberal-left noise machine got behind the notion that the Georgia law was going to suppress black turnout.

What are they talking about? Take a look Squirrel!

Axios: Georgia state Rep. Bee Nguyen, Democratic candidate for secretary of state, stated that absentee ballot rejections increased in 2021 municipal elections.

She stated, “The question was: How many voters were disenfranchised following this primary election cycle? “And how many voters were needed to change the voting systems? ”

What happens to absentee vote rejections How did “suppressing Black Votes” happen? What is the percentage of blacks who send absentee votes?

This information won’t be available for several months.

Democrats will promote the myth that Republicans have racist meanies and don’t want black voters to vote. Stacey Abrams.

Stacey Abrams, the presumptive Democratic nominee for Georgia governor, countered that Republican vindication claims amount to “correlation and causation.”

She said that the state’s voters still have difficulties. Primary voters are more engaged and active.

“We know” How? Who? What? Liar.

MLB will hope, wait, and pray for everyone to forget the terrible mistakes they made and the damage they did to Atlanta.

Outkick: This move cost black-owned Atlanta businesses their boom period. In addition, MLB sent the company to Colorado which has stricter voting laws than Georgia.

OutKick explained recently that “This decision did not only affect all the fans across America who made travel arrangements for the All-Star Game but also affected the Atlanta community who had been anticipating the significant increase in local commerce that this event would bring. ”

What do Manfred and MLB think of this decision? OutKick repeatedly asked MLB for comment. If we get a response, we will update this story.

This isn’t just about MLB. Delta and Merck, among others, condemned Georgia’s voter laws. They should take responsibility for their shame and humiliation in being used as political power players.

Don’t rush to believe a story about politics that any child older than 10 years old would find misleading and false.

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