Musk Mocks Biden About Who The Real President Is


Joe Biden is making billionaires restless.

We saw Jeff Bezos get wild on Biden over inflation. Elon Musk also took aim at Biden over inflation.

Musk seems to have started the questioning by trying to buy Twitter and preserve freedom of speech.

Musk made a podcast Monday ridiculing Biden’s reliance on the teleprompter and failure to address inflation.

Fox News:

Tesla CEO said that “the real president is the one who controls the teleprompter. ”

The CEO said that if someone was to accidentally reach for the Teleprompter, it would be like Anchorman. He was referring to the 2004 movie where Ron Burgundy reads the Teleprompter’s text even though it would endanger his career.

Musk said that the Trump administration “doesn’t seem to get anything done.”  “The Trump administration, leaving Trump aside, had many people who were efficient in getting things done. ”

One interviewer compared Joe to Bernie, the dead being pulled about all over in “Weekend At Bernie’s.”

Musk claimed that Biden was too closely controlled by the unions.

He has that right. The American public was falsely sold the story of the moderate Joe Biden who would return things to normal after all those “mean tweets.” Instead, it’s been a descent into a slew of radical leftist actions, as Biden reads, squints, and trips over his teleprompter constantly while wondering out loud if he’s doing what “they” want him to do.

Musk agreed with Bezos’ criticism of Biden — Biden tried to misdirect or muddy the causes of inflation

Musk stated, “It is obvious that inflation can be traced back to the fact that the government printed more money than it actually had. ”

Tesla’s CEO said that checks cannot be issued by the government to cover revenue exceeding the amount of revenue. “Inflation, you’re aware?” He said, “Inflation, you know? This is inflation. The velocity of money is constant”.

Musk insists this is “very simple” and “not super complicated”.

“If the government could just issue large amounts of money, without worrying about deficits then why not make them 100x larger?” “He said it would make the dollar useless.

Musk noted that “multiple countries” have tried this experiment many times. “Have You Ever Seen Venezuela?” “Like Venezuela’s poor, Venezuela’s poor have been run amok by their government.”

Musk said that it is impossible to create money like Venezuela without destroying the economy.

Joe Biden stated publicly that inflation was not caused by government spending. Bezos pointed to Sen. Joe Manchin (D.W.Va.), who blocked his Build Back Better Plan and saved Biden from making matters worse.

Musk stated that Twitter must be open to all and not just a few.

He said that he believes that there is a need for a digital public square that allows people to discuss all kinds of issues.

Musk stated that Twitter has a very left bias at the moment. Musk stated, “And I would be able to trust myself as a moderate and neither Republican nor Democrat. ”

He said that he was still committed to purchasing Twitter but wanted to know how many fake accounts/spambots were out there before finalizing the deal.


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