New White House Press Secretary Blasted For Botching Answer To Inflation Question


Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, was mocked by conservatives on Twitter for not being able to answer a question about inflation on her first day in office.

Peter Doocy, Fox News White House correspondent, asked Jean-Pierre questions about a tweet by President Biden claiming that the only way to combat the current inflation rate is to ensure that the “wealthiest” corporations pay their fair share.

How can corporations be taxed to lower gas prices, food costs, and the cost for used cars? Doocy asked Jean-Pierre, and Jean-Pierre replied with a rambling, inconsistent statement that consisted of vague Democrat talking points about climate change and taxing the wealthy.

“So, let’s face it, we should encourage people who have done well, particularly those who care about climate, to support a fairer, non-changing tax code that doesn’t change – doesn’t charge manufacturers or workers, builders, or cops a higher percentage.

Jean-Pierre claimed that the “most fortunate” people in our country should not be allowed to “stand in the path of reducing energy prices” – although it was difficult to follow. He also talked about combating climate change and supporting basic collective bargaining rights. She advocated for a fair tax code, arguing that it was unfair for “manufacturing workers,” cops, to be subject to “higher taxes” than “folks who don’t pay taxes.”

Twitter users criticized the speech for being rambling and lacking in understanding. John Cooper, Heritage Foundation, tweeted “Big yikes.”

Matt Whitlock, Republican communications specialist, claimed Jean-Pierre’s handling was as bad or worse than a Vice President Kamala Hilary gaffe. He tweeted: “From the Kamala Hariri and Michael Scott School for Communications where you just begin a sentence, and see where it takes, regardless of what question was asked.”

Whitlock said that it looked like she might be reading the wrong answer from her written talk points here, regardless of Peter’s question. Talking points are fine, but it is best to try and answer a question.

J.D., Liberty Daily editor Rucker wrote that “It’s only Karine Jean Pierre’s first day, so we’ll give the benefit of doubt. It’s easy to dodge questions. She’ll eventually master the art of her predecessor and be able to blame Trump, Putin, and Peter Doocy, for all the evil in the world.


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