Muslim Parents Revolt at School Board Meeting Over Sexually-Explicit LGBT Agenda


One might have thought that parents of Muslim heritage may not be keen on schools featuring explicit LGBT content. The Dearborn school board, MI was shocked to learn that the parents revolted on Thursday night.

The school board meeting was attended by about 600 people, many of whom were Arab. Dearborn, which is home to the largest concentration of Muslims in the country, is no surprise. Wild scenes ensued as union members and activists tried to rally for unity but to no avail.

Don’t vote for Rashida Tlaib, said speaker Hassan Aoun, who’s against LGBTQ books. Tlaib is booed loudly by crowd of 600, which appears to be majority Arab. He calls for removal of certain books. He insists he’s not anti-gay.

— Niraj Warikoo (@nwarikoo) October 13, 2022

A gay man said books don’t make people gay. He calls for unity between Muslims and gays. “The far right in this country” hates both of us. He is booed and laughed at by crowd.

— Niraj Warikoo (@nwarikoo) October 14, 2022

Non-binary speaker loudly booed and jeered at Dearborn Schools meeting:

— Niraj Warikoo (@nwarikoo) October 14, 2022

This was a long-awaited clash. Although Muslims tend to vote for the Democratic Party, they are still traditionalists when discussing the LGBT agenda. While many Muslims in America are open-minded enough to accept the fact that homosexual material is being used in society, they won’t be silent when their children are exposed to it at school.

Six books that promote the LGBT agenda caused a commotion in this instance. Fox 2 Detroit gives some more details.

Dozens of people sought to have their say on six LCBTQ+ books being reviewed in the district. This is after a parent complained about the books’ inappropriate sexual content and inappropriateness for children.

Ziad Abdalmalik stated, “A normal psychologically sound and stable mind would conclude that this specific material is nothing other than sexually explicit.”

Although it’s been a while since I was in school, I don’t recall books in the library that explicitly promoted and described heterosexual sex. Why are schools required to have books titled “This Book is Gay” or “All Boys Aren’t Blue?” in their libraries? These are topics that parents should discuss with their children. I believe this is what the protestors from Muslim parents are trying to say.

Naturally, the Karen contingent was also present.

Those who disagree claim that this uproar isn’t about books, but about LGBTQ people.

Stop pretending that this is about protecting children’s books. This is about erasing our LBGTQ staff and students. It was written literally on the signs that people brought to Monday’s meeting,” Mary Kay Kubicek said.

…” Parents should not let their children read books if they don’t want to. Judith Jones stated at the meeting that voicing the views of one group on Dearborn is not an option. “This is what Hitler did and we all know how it worked out.”

A Hitler comparison. It’s so original. It seems that if you don’t want your child to be able to go into a school library to pick up a book on gay sex, you must be a Nazi. This is a brilliant response that has never been seen before.

These people are crazy. They can subject their children to the LGBT agenda under current law at their own pace. However, taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to send their children to schools that promote homosexuality in explicit ways. School boards are there to serve children and parents, not political narratives. These books shouldn’t be available in libraries if Dearborn’s parents aren’t interested in them. This is how local control works in schools.

It is not clear if this will result in anything political in a wider context. These parents may be blaming Rep. Rashida Talib, but I believe that the Dearborn residents will hold her responsible when they see it, and not just a moment earlier.

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