Establishment Voices Warn Joe Biden Of Nuclear War Risk


Establishment columnists and authors warned President Joe Biden of the growing risk of nuclear war due to his efforts to end Russia’s brutal invasion in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Biden last week made alarming comments about how the world is closer to “Armageddon”, and D.C. now follows his lead.

According a Foreign Policy magazine article, October 12th, nuclear-armed Russia (and Ukraine) “are barreling toward each other in a chicken match,” it was said.

Two left-leaning advocates from Carnegie Endowment wrote an article, which was then continued:

Forcing a nuclear-armed, confined state under the leadership a man (Russian President Vladimir Putin) to retreat from humiliating defeat is much more risky than trying retake every square mile that has been occupied in Ukraine by Russian forces.

The world leaders should encourage Ukraine to offer a ceasefire, under conditions Russia might eventually accept, even though it may be reluctantly. This will stop an escalation that involves nuclear weapons.

According to the authors, wisdom is a time of pause and finding a way that allows two countries to live another day.

“Putin may escalate the war,” said a Washington Post headline over an article by Michael McFaul, who was ex-ambassador of the United States to Russia. He wrote:

President Biden’s recent comments on nuclear Armageddon suggest that the U.S intelligence agency believes Putin’s threats are credible.

Putin could still use a nuclear weapon (God forbid), but that would be the end of Russia’s power. To counter Russia’s influence, the democratic world would need to provide better weapons, such as fighter planes (MiG29s), long-range missile systems (ATACMS), as well as crippling sanctions like designating Russia a terrorist or state sponsor.

A leader of Ukraine would not ask for surrender following a nuclear attack. Zelensky would, however, have every reason to bring war on Russia. This would include attacks against large cities in Moscow.

The nuclear threat could now be more serious than the Cuban missile crisis,” declared the Washington Post headline. It was based on an article by George Will, an established Never-Trump columnist who started his career during Cold War.

Will stated that “What happens next will depend on the skill and luck experienced sixty Octobers ago.”

“The U.S. is now in conflict with Russia and China at the exact same time,” Thomas Friedman, another well-known voice, wrote in The New York Times on October 12,:While the conflict with Russia may be indirect, it is evident, violent, escalating and obvious. We are arming Russia with intelligence and smart weapons to force them out of Ukraine. What is the end result of this war? It’s impossible to know.

Elon Musk (an industrialist) called for negotiations.

United Kingdom. Some establishment voices warn of danger.

European leaders are zig-zagging

Biden joked about Russia’s defeats in the battle for U.S. weapons and threatened Russia with nuclear war if it used nuclear weapons against Ukrainian forces.

We are very familiar with one another. He doesn’t believe they can use nuclear weapons without triggering Armageddon [for Russia and other countries].

Other people also want to put more pressure on Putin. Alexander Vindman is an immigrant who came from Ukraine and served in the U.S. Military.

The conflict has been marked by the status of Crimea. The conflict has been dominated by the status of Crimea. This is partly due to Russia’s view of it as a Russian province and vital for its coast along the Black Sea.

The United States supports Ukraine’s claim to the Crimean peninsula. Catherine the Great took it from the Turks 1783.

The only person to have called for peace and caution so far is Donald Trump, the ex-President of the United States.

The war won’t have been fought because of stupid people who don’t know the rules. Modern weaponry has the capability to produce and destroy weapons that have never been used before.

Trump also criticised Biden’s inability stop the war between Ukraine and Russia, which is backed Biden and Russia with nuclear arms led by President Vladimir Putin.

Cognitively impaired presidents are not capable of leading the country. He is currently casually talking about nuclear war with Russia. This would be World War Three and more destructive than any other wars because of the weaponry that no one wants to think about.

Former chief of staff at Pentagon, Admiral Mike Mullen, echoed Trump’s call for peace negotiations the same day.

In recent weeks, Russia’s advantages in tanks, artillery, and electronic warfare have been eroded due to U.S. surveillance aircrafts and U.S-supplied weapons such as U.S.-supplied weaponry, such long-range, satellite-guided Excalibur artillery rounds, and heat-seeking Stinger missiles.


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