NATO Chief Says War In Ukraine Is Battle Of Attrition, Warns Winter Will Be Hard


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pledged Tuesday support to Ukraine in its “grinding battle of attrition” with Russia. Stoltenberg, along with many other world leaders, participated in an online forum hosted by Ukraine to mark the six-month anniversary Russia’s invasion Ukraine on February 24, 2004.

NATO’s head stated that the alliance must “continue” its support to Ukraine for “the longer-term” to ensure Kyiv can repel Russian forces from its borders.

However, as world leaders pledge to support Ukraine militarily and through humanitarian assistance, Kyiv is making certain it has the international backing necessary to restore Ukraine’s sovereignty, including on the Crimean Peninsula.

Zelenskyy advocated for the support of almost 60 nations and international organisations in Tuesday’s summit. This included the attendance of 40 presidents and prime minsters.

While the Ukrainian president praised the support Kyiv received since Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine, he said that the failure to hold Moscow responsible for the 2014 invasion and subsequent occupation Crimea was the reason Ukraine is currently at war.

Zelenskyy believed that the only way to guarantee security in Europe was to stop Russia’s military ambitions succeeding in Ukraine.

Russia relied on Crimea’s presence as a launch pad for its invasion. This was to provide logistical support in the southern and eastern regions of the country as well as tactical aims.

Zelenskyy stated that since the beginning of the war, 750 cruise missiles were launched from the Crimean Peninsula towards targets in Ukraine.


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