Slain Police Captain’s Widow Rips Supervillains BLM, Soros, Kamala


Ann Dorn was the widow of David Dorn (slain St. Louis Police Captain), and accused Kamala Harris, Black Lives Matter and George Soros of being “supervillains” in their husband’s murder.

Ann and David were married for 14 years. They were together for 30 years. He was shot to death in June 2020 during the Black Lives Matter Riots, which engulfed a multitude of Democrat-run municipalities.

She explained, “Although David was a retired police officer at the time, but he never stopped serving his community.” He also agreed to be the “point-of-contact” for a friend’s alarm from pawn shops. The store was only ten minutes from the house.

St. Louis was engulfed in violence when Black Lives Matter came to the city.” David was notified by multiple alarms that someone was at the pawnshop on June 2. He did his duty, even though he knew that the rioters were shooting at firefighters and police officers and that the city was in chaos and violence.

He arrived on the scene and found rioters in the store. He asked them to leave. Stephen Cannon was recently found guilty of first-degree killing. He shot him and killed him. Dorn writes that a third rioter streamed the whole incident and later discovered that David’s oldest grandson was one of those who saw the murder unfold.

She says that David became a cop because he always wanted to be a superhero as a child. He was a superhero. But if there are real superheroes, then supervillains also exist.” She continues by saying that supervillains are “people like the man who murdered my husband” and then she adds:

These are people such as George Soros, a billionaire who use their power to support extremist politics and encourage division. These are people such as Vice President Kamala Harris who raised money for the bail funds for the rioters and prominent CEOs who gave their money and support to these people blindly. We would probably label a foreign group a terrorist organization if it was linked to the U.S.’s nationwide rioting.

David did not support Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter was never a good idea because it didn’t do anything to improve Black lives. David was also killed in the same year that over a dozen children were gunned down in St. Louis. Black Lives Matter never appeared. Their lives were important. Fivety-five businesses were destroyed or looted the night David was killed, many of which were Black-owned. Their livelihoods were important. My husband was a Black man who gave his time to his community for more than 40 years. His life was important.

Is there anything more to such truth and eloquence? She is absolutely right about Soros & Kamala. Democrats want their cities to be destroyed. They are against the middle class and want them out of their cities. Why? They know that the city full of desperate people who are dependent on the government is the key to their eternal power. This is socialism. It is a system that makes the elite one percent of society into masters and overlords of a desperate population who is totally dependent on them.


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