New York City Releases PSA On What To Do In Nuclear Attacks Or Incident


New York City issued a public service announcement Monday about what to do in the event of a nuclear weapon incident. This was despite the low probability that such a devastating event would occur in America’s biggest city.

This PSA is 1.5 minutes long and outlines three steps New Yorkers could take to reduce the risk of nuclear exposure.

“While there is little chance of a nuclear weapons incident in/near New York City, it is crucial that New Yorkers are aware of the steps to keep safe,” said the Emergency Management Department in a press release. “The PSA encourages New Yorkers take simple, key steps in the event that such an incident occurs.”

According to the PSA, people should take several steps in case of a nuclear accident. This includes staying out of windows and getting in. Once you are inside, close all doors and go to the basement.

Get clean if you were outdoors after the blast. The PSA recommends that you remove all outer clothing and bag it to keep radioactive dust and ash from your body.

Last, people should keep an eye on the news media to get updated information. Also, watch out for official alerts when it’s safe for them to venture outside.

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