New York Redistricting Map Forces High Profile Democrats to Face Each Other in Primaries


Redistricting continues its unending source of schadenfreude to Republicans and conservatives, as Democrats attempt to take power from every state. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis forced a senile state legislature to act (Ron DeSantis & the Constitution Score Big Over the Activist Left, Rule by Random Judge), increasing the number of Republican-held seats from 11 to 17. Kansas made the D+4 district into an R+3 district, making Kansas the only Democrat-held seat. The most excitement was in New York, however. There, a bare-knuckle Democratic gerrymander has gone sour.

New York Democrats originally proposed a map that included 19 Democrat seats and four GOP seats. There were also three “competitive” seats. The state court rejected it and imposed a 16-Democrat map, with five Republicans, and five competitive seats. My colleague has written about the details in the Court-Ordered New York Redistricting map is lights out for Democrats.

The new map has likely dealt a fatal blow to several Democrats’ political careers. According to the New York Times, Democrats see this map as an “extinction-level event.” The most humorous aspect of the new map’s design is the juxtaposition of large-name Democrats against each other.

Both Hakeem Jeffries, and Yvette Clark suddenly found themselves in the same congressional district. There is a seat available in the newly-created, heavily Democratic district near them that one of them will fill. Carolyn Maloney, Fat Jerry Nadler, and others also reside in the same area. These two seem to be destined for a primary fight. Popcorn, gotta buy popcorn.

The real excitement begins with the story of Sean Patrick Maloney, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair, and Mondaire Jones (freshman Democrat) in the court’s version of NY-17. Maloney represented an even R. v. D district. Jones won in D+17. Both are now living in D+7 districts. Moloney is running for Jones’ seat in the primary, although there is a D+2 open seat nearby. He did not merely make a decision; he made it public on Twitter, before speaking to Jones.

Jones has not yet made his decision public, but he does have three options. Jones can choose to withdraw from the race, accept the challenge and challenge a member of the Democrat hierarchy or challenge Jamal Bowman in a district D+40. Maloney is white, which makes matters even funnier. Both Jones and Bowman can be described as progressive, gay, and Black.

It wouldn’t be a day that ended in “y” if someone was called racist.

Maloney is a little b**ch, but not a leader, on the merits. He could win a D+2 seat close by. He’s tired of being in a competitive district each year and the grind. He also feels a tingling sensation of survival instinct. In an ordinary year, running for a competitive seat in the legislature would not be significant. 2022 is not a typical election year. In what looks to be a wave-year, he is particularly wary of running in D+2 districts. He is a member of the establishment and believes he should be allowed to vote.

I don’t care who wins the battle as long as there are injuries, hard feelings and long-standing grudges.


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