Nolte: Disgraced Atlantic Devotes Magazine to Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories

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The Atlantic, a disgraced left-wing outlet funded by a left-wing extremist and dedicated to anti-Trump conspiracy theories, has devoted an entire edition to a whole new round of hysterically sweaty conspiracy theories that only offer us this piece of news: the warmongers, globalists, and liars who staff the Atlantic are pretty sure Trump’s going to win a second term. And because they are entitled babies, they are having a tantrum complete with kicking, screaming, lying, hypocrisy, and moonbat conspiracies.

Before we get to this month’s sweaty hysterics, let’s take a trip down memory lane so we know precisely who we are dealing with.

This is an outlet so unhinged and removed from normalcy that we were treated to a story from these anti-human weirdos about how nuclear war would damage the climate.

The Atlantic was so desperate to defeat Trump in 2020 that the outlet whored out its residual credibility to falsely accuse Trump of trashing fallen American soldiers.

The Atlantic hates Christians so much that it compared the Catholic rosary to an “assault weapon.”

And now the deliberately dishonest Atlantic is at it again. Here are some of the headlines from the anti-Trump edition…

Anne “Russia Collusion Hoaxstress” Applebaum warns that Trump will abandon NATO.

Fact Check: Trump was president for four years and did not abandon NATO.

David “What’s The Big Deal About Burning a Baby?” Frum: Trump’s presidency will be all about revenge.

Fact Check: Frum supports Joe Biden, who is using the Justice Department to put his top political competitor in prison for life.

McKay “Married Woman Ogler” Coppins: Trump will surround himself with “loyalists, lapdogs, and cronies.”

Fact Check: When it’s a Democrat president, those same people are called “supporters.”

Adam “Let’s Mutilate Kids to Appease Trans Loons” Serwer: “A MAGA Judiciary”

Fact Check: Based on his first term, Trump will appoint judges who respect the Constitution and the individual’s rights to live however they choose so long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s rights. The Atlantic wants judges that will ignore the Second Amendment, disarm you,  and leave you helpless.

I’ll hit some of these others quickly…

“Climate Denial Will Flourish”

Fact Check: Climate Change is a hoax.

“Women Will be Targets.”

Fact Check: Tara Reade, Lucy Flores, Amy Lappos, Vail Kohnert-Yount, Caitlyn Caruso, D.J. Hill, Sofie Karasek, Ally Coll. Say their names.

“China Will Get Stronger”

Fact Check: China has helped make the Biden family wealthy. Trump was president for four years and did not make China stronger.

“The Truth Won’t Matter”

Fact Check:

“Trump Will Suppress American History”

Fact Check: On August 13, 2017, the Taliban, I mean the Atlantic, called for tearing down statues of historical figures.

“Trump Will Stoke a Gender Panic”

Fact Check: The Atlantic supports the “transition” of kids through permanent surgical mutilations and irreversible chemical treatments.

“This Is Who We Are”

Fact CheckActually, THIS is who you are.

The worst people in the world —  proven liars, conspiracy theorists, and fascists, who want to disarm you, use the Climate Change Hoax to run your life and mutilate your kids — support Joe Biden.

What more do normal people need to know?

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