Watch — Teacher Who Creates Social Justice Curriculum Calls Parental Rights Laws ‘Dangerous’

Will Lester/MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin via Getty

Shelby Kretz, a teacher who runs an organization that helps teach K-6 children about social justice issues, has called parental rights laws “dangerous.”

In a recent TikTok video shared online, Kretz said “parents rights in education can put LGBTQ+ youth in danger.”

“Do you know if there are any bills or school board candidates in your area that are focused on parents’ rights in education? If so there’s a good chance they might be putting trans in LGBTQ plus youth in danger,” she says in the video.

Kretz primarily centered her criticism on bills that would make it illegal for a school to conceal a child’s transgender identity from their parents.

LGBTQ advocates often argue that such bills would essentially force children to “out” themselves to their parents, potentially putting them in harm’s way. Advocates for such bills say that schools concealing a child’s sexual identity, especially something as controversial as transgenderism, from their parents opens children up to grooming.

Kretz further said children who come out to parents who reject their identity could put them on a dangerous path to suicide. Watch:

Kretz’s organization, Little Justice Leaders, says on its mission page it wants to “make it easy for you to teach your elementary schoolers about social justice. We created Little Justice Leaders because we know it can be hard to talk with young children about these issues. We want to make it easier for you!”

“When you sign up for Little Justice Leaders, every month you will receive a learning kit of carefully selected items to guide learning about an important social justice topic. The materials are designed specifically for K-6th graders, so they’re always age-appropriate and fun. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an organization working on that issue,” it continues.

Of her mission, Shelby further says her dream is to help kids and “other kids like them grow up with an awareness of social justice and acceptance of all people.”

“We try to source products from socially conscious, small businesses owned by women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ folx,” she adds.

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