Nomination of Lia Thomas for NCAA Woman of the Year Is Another Slap in the Face to Women


Friday’s debate was between Riley Gaines, a former Kentucky swimmer, and Martina Navratilova, a tennis legend who discussed the University of Pennsylvania’s decision not to nominate Lia Thomas, a trans swimmer. Clay Travis, the co-founder of Outkick radio and podcast host, summarized his thoughts in this tweet.

Is there someone else in the photo? Riley Gaines was also nominated by the University of Kentucky. He won three conference titles in SEC, set 12 records, and graduated with summa Cum laude honors. However, he lost to Thomas in the 200-yard freestyle at the NCAA championships earlier in the year. Because of fairness or some other reason.

She replied:

It is another insult to women. First female national title, now nominated to the pinnacle award for collegiate athletics. This award is now worthless because of the NCAA.

However, she didn’t stop there.

This award is a combination of athletic performance and academics, service, or character. Thomas has shown no character other than selfishness and entitlement. Thomas’ interview with other female athletes is eye-opening in its disrespect and disdain for them.

If you haven’t noticed, Lia Thomas is transgender. She competed for three years on the UPenn men’s team before undergoing hormone therapy. Then, she switched to the women’s squad for a senior season. The 6’1” swimmer broke many records and won the NCCA title in the 500-yard freestyle. Thomas claimed on Good Morning America, “I don’t need anyone’s permission to be me and do the sport that I love.”

All others are exempt. She said that trans women were not a threat to women’s sport, a statement that shows a complete lack of awareness about the impact of male physiology on women’s competition.

However, Riley Gaines was not the only one to be upset by the nomination. Martina Navratilova is a women’s tennis legend who has won the most major titles for women’s tennis since 1968. She doesn’t hide her feelings.

“Not enough fabulous biological women athletes, NCAA?!? What is wrong with you?!!!!!!!?” she tweeted.

More voices joined the conversation: Marshi Smith, a former NCAA champion swimmer, wrote that “How many women’s awards are you willing to give up?” The Ivy League’s choice of a male nominee is an extension of their anti-woman campaign.

I can recall having a conversation with a relative who was liberal about current events five to six years ago. “You can see where this is going?” I asked him. Trans males will compete in women’s sports and will win.

He replied, “You’re just being conservative reactionary.” “That won’t happen.”

It is indeed happening and swimming is just one example of this phenomenon. With devastating results, track and field have seen biologically masculine athletes dominate biologically female athletes. Although we have yet to see biological men enter college basketball, it is expected that they will do so if the trend continues.

My wife and my daughters are my greatest love. I also love watching them excel in athletics. They were not made to fight against men. In a scrimmage, the FC Dallas under-15 boys team defeated the U.S. Women’s National Team easily. The U.S. Women’s National Team. This isn’t anti-women; it’s pro-reality.

This is too much. I support people being who they are and doing what they love, but men should not compete with women. Lia Thomas needs to renounce the award and give it to the biologically-female athlete who has earned it.


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