Will the Biden Administration Bring Back Mask Mandates and Lockdowns?


Joe Biden repeatedly claimed that he would “shut down the virus” during his campaign. Yet, despite having a few vaccines, a year of research, and an understanding of the virus, the number of cases and deaths increased multiple times and more Americans were killed under Biden’s watch than under Trump. Most people believe the pandemic has ended and want to see things return to normal.

The Biden administration isn’t ready for normal.

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha appeared on ABC’s This Week. He “reminded” viewers that the pandemic wasn’t over and they should still wear masks in public.

“You know, I must say that I have been traveling again this week. I flew on planes and saw so many people without masks. The New York Times described this as a “meh” reaction to the variant in New York City with a 15% positivity rate. Jha was asked by Martha Raddatz, host of ABC’s “This Week,” what she would do.

“It’s important to remind people about the science, the public-health science. Jha said that the public health science was very clear. Wearing a mask can reduce your chance of getting infected and help you spread it less frequently, especially if the space is not well ventilated.

Jha also supported Los Angeles County’s return to the universal mask mandate.

“My view has been very clear on this, which is that local jurisdictions, cities, and counties, as well as states, should decide about mask mandates. Because communities are unique and their transmission patterns are different, it’s important to recognize the differences.”

Jha believes that mask-wearing will make a significant difference, despite all evidence.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada, found last summer that cloth masks, as well as the popular blue surgical masks, are only 10 percent effective. This is because they don’t cover the mouth properly. A Mayo Clinic study found that cloth masks had only a negligible effect on COVID transmission in villages of India. It was only 5%. It’s not surprising, at least to those who read conservative media, that mask mandates don’t work as expected and that studies show that masks don’t protect you from COVID.

Dr. Fauci dismissed masks’ effectiveness. Fauci wrote that masks were intended to protect infected persons from spreading the disease to others, rather than protecting people uninfected from getting infected. “The average mask that you can buy at a drugstore isn’t effective in keeping out the disease, which is small enough for it to pass through the material,” Fauci wrote.

The Biden administration has never stopped praising the effectiveness of masks, despite the fact that science is not always in their favor. Although several studies suggested that masks were not necessary for schools last summer, teachers’ unions lobbied CDC to keep the mandates for masks in schools. The CDC then released a fake study that claimed mask mandates are effective.

Why is the Biden administration still touting masking as a way to prevent COVID? CNN even admitted last year that masking does not stop COVID. If the Biden administration believes in masking, then where will it end? Are they still claiming that lockdowns are effective, despite the fact that many studies show that they didn’t slow down COVID’s spread?


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