North Carolina Supreme Court Enacts a Full-Scale Judicial Coup


The Supreme Court of North Carolina has made one of the most bizarre judicial decisions in American history.

The Democrat-controlled North Carolina General Assembly has been declared illegitimate by the court. It cannot enact any amendments to its constitution. Their reasoning? Their reasoning?

North Carolina Supreme Court: racially gerrymandered North Carolina General Assembly, as an unconstitutionally constituted legislature, did not have the power to propose amendments to the North Carolina Constitution.

— Anthony Michael Kreis (@AnthonyMKreis) August 19, 2022

These amendments were intended to enshrine North Carolina’s voter ID law and establish an income tax cap. Those amendments are now in limbo as the Democrat Supreme Court ruled that it is superior to the elected officials of North Carolina’s citizens. It is difficult to describe how absurd and dangerous this precedent is. This court is the one that ruled earlier this year that the general assembly cannot draw its own congressional maps. It represents one of few GOP failures in redistricting in red states.

The court currently has a 4-3 Democratic majority. This dynamic is almost certain to change following November’s election, where the GOP is expected to win a 5-2 majority. This insane judicial coup will not last, which is the good news. It’s still very dangerous that it has reached this point. What happens if all the courts in the country decide that oppositional legislatures cannot be trusted?

The US Supreme Court may have some words to offer.

Justice Berger writes that today’s decision by the NC Supreme Court may violate US Supreme Court precedent & the 14th amendment.

— Justin (@JustR_02) August 19, 2022

November can’t get here soon enough. The only thing that will stop Democrats from running the country is for voters to elect Republicans at all levels of government. Judges cannot declare entire branches of government illegal or limit their elected powers for partisan reasons. They didn’t want voter identification to be enshrined so they created this ruling from scratch, supported by nothing. It is time to send a message to them at the polls.

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