Brian Stelter Booted from CNN


Brian Stelter, CNN’s resident potato, will be leaving. Reliable Sources, his weekly program, is being canceled.

The Daily Beast reported that Stelter had resigned. The Daily Beast said that Stelter was an old friend of Jeff Zucker, and has “occasionally seemed to be at odds with” the new CNN era.

Stelter is the most well-known anchor to be fired by CNN. He was fired for violating CNN’s journalistic standards. He was a frequent interviewer for his brother Andrew Cuomo, and he advised him during the scandals involving Governor Scott.

A source unnamed told the Daily Mail that Cuomo “forced Jeff Zucker from CNN” by exposing his secret relationship with Allison Gollust and fighting for his $18 million severance pay.

It was clear that there would be more resignations/firings when Zucker resigned. My statement was that I was putting my money on Stelter at the time.

Stelter stated that he believed this was a case of death by thousand cuts. The headaches surrounding Chris Cuomo were so severe that, even though viewers enjoyed Cuomo Prime Time and looked forward to it each week, CNN and CNN staffers were suffering from so many headaches that they had to make this decision.

Stelter claimed that Cuomo was a disgruntled network employee and was behind an attempt at shutting it down to fire him.

Stelter is not going away quietly. There are reports that he will be paid millions of money for the remaining contract.

Stelter’s firing remains under wraps. Stelter’s next move is unknown at this time. He can, however, spend more time with his kids.



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