NY Times Writes About WaPo’s Financial Struggles


It would appear that the hacks at The Washington Post (WaPo) are experiencing quite the post-Trump lull. And who better to gloat about it than their competitors to the north?

The New York Times:

The digital subscriptions that Jeff Bezos purchased in 2013 from The Washington Post were a huge success. The newsroom grew by nearly two-thirds and was able to add hundreds of journalists.

The Post’s business has been in decline for the past year. Trump’s rapid news cycle has caused readers to move on to other outlets. The paper’s attempts to expand beyond Beltway coverage have not paid off.

Two people who are familiar with the financial situation of the organization claim that it will lose money in 2022, after many years of profitability.

The thing that struck me most about this article was how much effort the Times put into reporting on the misfortunes and rivals. The authors make a few snide remarks about “propagandists-in-arms” and praise WaPo’s efforts to promote the news. The authors then mention that WaPo has lost readers since Trump’s election but that The Times and The Wall Street Journal have added them.

It’s a good thing.

The Pulitzer Prize was also awarded to WaPo in recognition of its coverage of J6 events. This may help explain a lot.

It takes sides and does business like a tabloid. It instead publishes cheap copies of The Gray Lady. If WaPo wants to expand beyond Washington, it must face the fact that most Americans don’t care about Washington’s navel-gazing.

Flyover country Joe and Jane America don’t believe January 6, 2021, was an important moment in American History. They don’t believe the Kangaroo Court that day is a must-see television show.

Like CNN, WaPo is coming to terms with the fact that Donald Trump is their daddy. They may all be secretly sorry for this.

Americans are facing too harsh a reality now to believe WaPo’s false narratives driven by Donald Trump’s daddy issues.

According to the Times article, WaPo still plans to “broaden coverage” to eventually fix the financial ship.

Maybe they should Google “journalism” and give that a try.


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