Utah FBI Agent Arrested on Child Sex Charges


Robert Alexander Smith, a Utah resident, and FBI employee was apparently only days away from retiring when law enforcement knocked at his door. It was not to give him a gold watch for all his years of service. KSL reports that Tooele County deputies actually showed up at his door with an arrest warrant.

Smith was reportedly unwilling to speak with law enforcement and was taken into police custody. Four first-degree felonies of sexual abuse of children and four counts of lewdness with a child are his charges. Smith was arrested at the time. The Post Millennial reports that Smith was a supervisory Intelligence Officer.

Fox 13 reported that a young girl told her mother about the abuse in June. She stated that Smith had forced her to touch Smith beneath her clothes. Smith allegedly did the same thing with at least one other girl and three more girls claim that Smith touched their underwear. Smith’s former home is where the incidents are said to have taken place. Some incidents are backward in time, as some of the incidents occurred two years ago.

Smith was detained since Wednesday’s arrest and has not been granted bail. KSL received a statement from the FBI that stated: “We are aware of the arrest of an FBI Employee. The FBI takes misconduct allegations very seriously. The incident was referred to the FBI’s Internal Affairs Section. “We cannot comment on ongoing personnel matters.”

Utah FBI Agent Arrested on Child Sex Chargeshttps://t.co/3Y4UxPeMuW

— Townhall Media (@TownhallMedia) August 31, 2022

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