NYC Mayor Eric Adams Greets Busload of Illegal Aliens, Insists Crisis Is Texas Gov. Abbott’s Fault


Democrats from Capitol Hill to California ignored, or cheered on, the Biden border crisis from Day One. Greg Abbott started to send busloads full of illegal aliens into both New York City and Washington, D.C.

Let’s just be honest, the hypocritical histrionics are hilarious.

Saturday’s report said that Democrats don’t care about flooding the southern border states with illegal immigrants and the threat they pose to their population.

Nick Arama was my colleague and noted NYC as an “ideal location” just like our capital.

I trust Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, will keep his word and openly welcome all migrants to our overcrowded border towns.

The Texas governor made a wry suggestion that Adams try to do just that Sunday morning: welcome illegal aliens to the Big Apple.

One problem.

Adams was performing his publicity stunt when he arrived at Midtown’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. Adams arrived at Midtown’s Port Authority Bus Terminal to perform his publicity stunt. Most of the illegals were gone. He stated that this was probably due to “fear” about violent crime in America’s once-greatest city.

The Post reported on a heated exchange between Adams and organizers of the 7:00 AM event.

We were told about 40 people should have taken the bus. This is worrying because we don’t want anyone to be dropped off.

Do you mean every border town in Arizona or Texas? Oder, Biden sent government planeloads of illegals through the county nightly without notifying local officials.

Adams told an unidentified woman she needed to work together. According to the Post, she abruptly turned around after that and walked off.

It’s even funnier.

Adams was unhappy about Abbott’s inability to communicate with him. Abbott sent illegal immigrants to Democrat regions to ease what he aptly described as a “crisis caused” by open border policies.

They don’t tell us when the buses are leaving. They don’t tell us what the passengers need.

This is a shocking example of hypocrisy.

This is even more hypocritical.

Eric Adams was questioned by the New York Post whether he had ever asked Biden or any federal agency for a change to the open-border policies to stop illegal border crossings entering the country. Adams said that he does not want to alter the policy.

No. I am proud to call this a right-to-shelter state.

I have nothing.


How is a rational, rational person able to have intelligent conversations about leftism? They spew hypocritical garbage like the one below, which even they can recognize as hypocritical crap.

They can’t be taken from the office.

Are they insane? No. Do Democrats have the worst morals? Absolutely.


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