Why Are People Who Should Know Better Beginning to Agitate for a Return to Afghanistan?


It’s hard to imagine anyone accusing me of being a simp for Joe Biden. Trump’s decision to not leave Afghanistan was one such thing.

While its withdrawal from Afghanistan by Biden was a failure at all levels, it also demonstrated that the Biden White House (Deputy Secretary of State Claims That the Process Worked For the Afghanistan Mission and All you Know Is Wrong) was incapable of carrying out any significant task.

We were in Afghanistan for longer than any soldiers fighting it. Our time in Afghanistan was longer than any of the soldiers fighting it.

This problem was solved by George Bush in April 2002. He presented a comprehensive plan to rebuild Afghanistan and bring peace to the region. It included the “development of a country that can feed its people without feeding the world’s drug demand.”

One question has remained since the completion of the mission to overthrow the Taliban and drive al-Qaeda out of their camps.

I have believed for a long time that we left in 2002. However, rumors suggest that he was ratted from one of the Taliban factions, so we killed him.

It is concerning that conservatives are criticizing Biden’s visit to Afghanistan for al-Zawahiri.

Tonight Trey Gowdy spoke with Mike Gallagher, a Wisconsin Republican. Gallager stated that al-Zawahiri was present in Kabul as a sign that the US is not ready to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Individual terrorists operating in Afghanistan should not be considered more important than Antifa’s gatherings here in Portland. If these things do happen, we have the strike capability to address them.

I’m not saying we need to give Biden a pass on the screwed-up stuff he does. He needs to be held to account for the tragi-comic withdrawal from Afghanistan. That said, as we face China in the Pacific, the last thing we need is a needless war that doesn’t have victory conditions. We did that for 20 years. We should’ve learned our lesson.


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