Oakland Teachers, District Agree on ‘Reparations’ for Black Students

JOEL B. POLLAK 14 May 2023

Oakland teachers and the Oakland Unified School District reached agreement on Saturday evening on providing “reparations” for slavery for black students, though an ongoing strike still continues.

As Breitbart News has reported, the teachers’ union went on strike earlier this month to demand salary increases and a variety of policy changes, including “reparations” for black students — who, ironically, they were denying access to education by going on strike with just a few weeks left in the 2022-23 school year.

Furious parents began crossing picket lines to teach in the classroom themselves rather than allow children to sit idly at home.

Now, a new agreement has been reached to create a “Reparations for Black Students Taskforce.” The task force will identify any school with more than 40% black student enrollment as a “Historically Black School,” which is to be transformed into a “Black Thriving Community School” by providing additional staff and funding.

It is not clear if the plan is constitutional, since California prohibits the government from discriminating by race.

The task force is to consist of 21 members, including four from the union, four from the district, and four students.

The strike has lasted for seven days. Oakland public schools perform very poorly on standardized tests, with only about 20% of black students meeting or exceeding state standards in English, and only about 11% meeting or exceeding state standards in math.

The State of California is considering its own, separate proposals for reparations, as is the City of San Francisco.

California entered the Union as a free state in 1850.



  1. Subtract the welfare that they have received All their life. Then they can start paying the Indians for living on our lands.

  2. California was never a slavery state….these people are idiots. You want to give away money then give to those whose land you stole not for something that never was in california……IDIOTS

  3. ??? Why does this have to be a “reparations” thing? Why not just find out why certain schools are under-performing? Idiots try to turn everything in a race baiting exercise, which isn’t even based on the true history of slavery in this country or even in human history.

    All public schools are cess pools of lies and indoctrination any more. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to a school that teaches racism, pornographic smut, how to hate ones own country, totally false history, and sexualizes young children from kindergarten on up. They are dangerous cess pools of destruction for this country that just churn out childish little social justice warriors, ripe for sexual exploitation and exploitation from the government that is trashing the Constitution and taking our rights away.


  4. I am happy for the recipients of such a giveaway.

    I trust the Teachers Union has more than enough in their fund to pay this bill.

    Thank you Teachers Union for averting a problem with the community!

  5. All parties agreed to reparations because it costs no money now or the foreseeable future. It’s a scam by the schools and the teachers. They will all share in the money being squeezed out of the taxpayers without anyone expecting any improvement in education quality.


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