White House Now Backpedaling and Scrambling After Comer’s Interim Report Shows Big Biden Lie

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool

As we reported this week, the House Oversight Committee dropped a mammoth interim report on the suspicious financial dealings of the Biden family. After looking at thousands of bank records Comer said that they had received $10 million from foreign nationals.

The 36-page interim GOP report, released by Oversight Committee chair James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, accused some Biden family members and associates of using a “complicated network” of more than 20 companies, mostly LLCs formed when Mr. Biden was vice president, and used “incremental payments over time” to “conceal large financial transactions.”

“From a historical standpoint, we’ve never seen a presidential family receive these sums of money from adversaries around the world,” Comer said. [….]

“I don’t think anyone in America who’s watching C-SPAN or any other network covering this would think that it’s just a coincidence that nine Biden family members have received money for this influence-peddling scheme,” Comer said.

Now the White House is weighing in with a response.

White House spokesman Ian Sams responded on Twitter that Comer has offered “no evidence of any wrongdoing” by Mr. Biden, that “House Republicans have shown no evidence of any policy decisions influenced by anything other than U.S. national interests” and added that “[t]hey’re really just microwaving old debunked stuff.”

Now what’s fascinating about that response is the backpedaling, that they’re now reduced to saying that the GOP didn’t show influence on a policy decision.

Because all these millions for no reason from foreign nationals — including those from China — were just no big thing.

Let’s recall what Joe Biden said about his son and that money from China, for example, during a debate with Trump before the 2020 election.

That, of course, is a proven lie. Now they’ve even had to back off that lie and are saying essentially “Well, you can’t prove the influence” when Biden had claimed there was no money to begin with. When you’re backpedaling and scrambling, guys, it’s not a great look. And this report is an interim report to show the bank records. It’s the beginning of their investigation, not the end.

We should also not be concerned that he took his son on Air Force 2 to China where Hunter met with a business associate and introduced Joe to him too. We should not be concerned about how Hunter talked about his relationship with the man he called the “spy chief of China.”

We should not be concerned about what Tony Bobulinski said about the 10 percent for the “big guy” who he identified as Joe Biden. Bobulinski made clear that Joe Biden was not only aware of but involved in the CEFC deal, the deal with the China-connected company. We’re just supposed to believe that millions are flying into the pockets of the Biden family for no particular reason and no particular result. No worries and nothing to be concerned about.

It’s the interim report, guys, and they’ve only looked at some of the records. If the White House is already backpedaling and scrambling, what will they do with what comes next? If there’s no problem with the China money, then why was Joe lying about it? He can’t really answer that question.


  1. Joe Biden and family are crooks! It’s been known since the 1970’s that JB is racist when he tried to desegregate schools because he “don’t want me children in a racial jungle”. There is also evidence of several scandals in which Jim and Joe Biden are suspected. And what about the 1800+ boxes of Top Secret/Classified files from his Senatorial days which he was not authorized to have? Now, illegal dealings with Chinese businesses, the Ukraine, and other Communist countries and businesses?
    They raid Maralago and arrest DJT when he had Presidential Authority, but Biden is untouchable?
    The FBI, BATFE, DEA, all those who are promised to uphold against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and domestic have done nothing against the proven criminal……Joe Biden and company!
    TRUMP 2024!!!!

  2. From the look of California student’s accomplishments, it appears the teachers are doing more “UNIONING” than they are teaching. Time to disband the union and rethink the teaching business. Its useless as it is and benefits only the union.

  3. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!! I am so tired of reading or hearing about all the corruption. It’s exhausting. If President Trump did HALF of this, he wouldn’t have been elected….


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