Obama-Biden Officials Worked Directly With Iran to Undermine Donald Trump


On Thursday, The Washington Free Beacon published an interesting report about former Obama-Biden officials as well as Iran.

A State Department memo obtained by FOAI shows that “former ambassadors” met secretly with the then-Iranian Foreign Ministry Javad Zarif. This meeting took place at the same moment that the Trump administration attempted to reduce Iran’s negotiating ability with sanctions.

According to an internal State Department document, senior Obama administration officials met secretly with Iran in 2018. This was part of an effort by the Trump administration to weaken its diplomatic push to isolate the hardline regime.

A delegation of “U.S. diplomats” was present as the Trump administration tried to increase economic pressure on Iran in 2018. According to a memo from the State Department, an “off-the-record” meeting was held with Javad Zarif, former Iranian foreign minister, at his New York City residence. This meeting was part of a lawsuit to demand this information be released. John Kerry was reportedly working behind the scenes with Iranian officials to save the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State, responded to the revelation by pointing to how outrageous it was for nongovernmental officials to hold backdoor meetings to terrorist regimes in order to knee-cap an incumbent president.

Pompeo, now senior counsel for global affairs and senior counsel at the ACLJ, said that “this memo reflects even greater than we already knew about former State Department officers continuing to do so as if they were still sitting in the office.” “Trying to work with Iran’s foreign minister for terrorist regimes to get rid of the American sanctions. It’s worse than not knowing what time to leave the stage. These former officials, two years after Obama’s departure, were actively trying to preserve the horrible deal they had made. They signaled that Iran should be strong against America.

This is a sign of how delusional Democrat officials were about Trump. Imagine what it would have been like if Bush officials did this to the Obama administration. You don’t think there would be widespread outrage and proclamations against “democracy” as well as non-stop references to the Logan Act.

The Logan Act was actually a popular topic of discussion during Obama’s administration. However, it was to target Republicans for publishing a letter noting that any deal with Iran would not be binding. There was a lot of outrage, with some even suggesting that GOP senators should be arrested. This is not a matter of fringe outlets publishing these pieces.

The Logan Act was also retaliated against by the Trump administration. However, this time it was to claim that Republicans had violated it. Michael Flynn was famously charged with doing this because he shook hands with a Russian man at a conference.

The Logan Act is not applicable to Democrats. To be clear, it is a garbage law that would not pass constitutional scrutiny. The hypocrisy is still notable. It seems that the law only applies to Republicans. It doesn’t merit a mention if it’s John Kerry. The game is well-known at this point. It should be remembered for the next cycle of leftist hysteria about the Logan Act.


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